What types of tech companies need branding?

Your business idea is not viable
This is a tough one for the ego. Don’t be so self-absorbed by your business idea and your belief that you forget to look at what the market wants or needs. What problem does your product solve? Is it unique and/or scalable? Does it benefit our ecosystem and environment? The market research and analysis phases are often overlooked by many businesses. I heard this sentence so often “I know it will work!”. No investments should be ever made on assumptions but on concrete facts. Do your market research or hire a creative agency, like ours (wink), to do the initial research before selling your soul to the devil. You should also have a clear sales plan which articulates how you intend to reach your defined and ideal prospect niche.

You aren’t looking to grow and the passion is gone
You are content with your current business and can’t be asked to do more. You lost your drive and have not considered an exit strategy. Branding becomes extremely beneficial when you want to grow to exit your business. If the vision of your future is to retire with pocket full of dineros, you should work on your exit strategy from the start. Branding helps you detach yourself from the business. You have a brand when it keeps attracting clients without your involvement. If you are content with the way things are going, why invest?

You are dreamentrepreneur
You aren’t ready to do what it takes to work hard and smart, learn, be open-minded enough to improve yourself through constructive criticisms and experiences. An idea without a plan is just a dream. Writing your business plan and detailed action plan will keep you focused and motivated. Actions speak louder than words, so say less and do more. Work on your value proposition and your market position to create a brand that your ideal prospects will crave.

You think expense instead of investment
If you think small, you won’t achieve big. Branding is a crucial investment and remembers you get what you pay for. If you choose a low-cost design agency or freelance graphic designer, make sure you understand the territory you are getting yourself into. We often have to take over on the work of low-cost agencies who promised more than they could deliver. Work with the best agency for your business if you won’t achieve your ultimate business goals. If you aren’t ready financially to do what it takes and invest in, focus your efforts on your sales activities using your personal brand to grow your business.

We think long term, not short term
To summarise, establishing from the start a strong company culture helped us stay focus. We never make quick cash business decisions but focus on building long term relationships with clients we truly believe in and see great potential. This is the reason why our clients do well and we are now an award-winning branding and marketing agency.

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