What parts of my tech business do I need to trademark and when should I trademark them?

This is a content teaser for the upcoming B.I.G. Workshop. Ken Sewell from Nucleus-IP is one of our experts. The B.I.G Workshop, London’s first-of-its-kind, interactive tech workshop for tech startups looking to elevate their brand and improve the industry.

Ken is the Head of Business Development for Nucleus-ip. A company offering over 132 years of expertise and experience in protecting companies and their Intellectual Property. He has been with the company for in excess of 47 years, starting off in 1971 as post-boy on the princely sum of £10 per week. Nucleus-IP manages trademarks in more than 200 countries and work with major brands such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mitchells & Butlers, Ascot Racecourse, Moet & Chandon and many others.

Nucleus-IP and Ken, are passionate about helping companies enhance their value and also assisting them when they face challenges, in a very cost-effective manner.

Whether you are a tech company or any other concerned, the overriding requirement must be to secure protection for your brand, thereby providing a monopoly in your area. This can be in many guises and may consist of a pure word or a logo, device, or combination of any of these.

‘Secure your brand identity’

Whichever way you look at it every business has a brand; it’s what sets your goods or services apart from your competitors and how your customers know they are buying your product and not an inferior one from a rival. It’s what brings your customers back to you for more, again and again.

Every brand has a value. Over time, some, such as Apple, have become so valuable it’s almost impossible to calculate their worth.

Your brand is a significant asset for your business which you should need to give serious consideration to protecting, wherever it’s the basis for your trade. Every day we are subjected to hundreds of Trade Marks. We don’t order a pint of lager but a pint of Foster’s, it isn’t a packet of mints it’s a packet of Polos. Brand awareness is all important.

‘As your brand grows, so do your infringement risks’

Because of this, business owners spend a considerable amount of time and money building the value of their brand. Money spent developing a name or a logo which is then “marketed” to the public, building awareness of the product, increasing the goodwill…

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