How to create a good tech logo

Why having a good logo is important especially in tech?

A good tech logo is essential for your company’s visual identity, it is a reference point and conveys your image through it. The design you give to him represents the purpose and meaning of your brand. It is often the first step in any communication process. How to create a good tech logo is in your hands.

The goal is that from the first look a viewer can get the idea and understand the position of your company. (your sector, your values etc…)

Every tech company strives to create a good logo that will stick with the public for years to come, an eye-catching tech logo that truly represents their mission.

Maybe you are creating a new startup and need a logo, or maybe you already have one, but you need a fresh, new look for your tech company.

Using your favourite font or merely abbreviating your company name with plain lettering may not help you stand out from your competitors.

So what makes a good logo in tech?

If you want to build a good logo you need to make sure you are following those 10 rules:

1) Font

As we said before, choosing your favourite font as a logo is probably not relevant even more if it’s comic sans ms. You need to find fonts that will make your logo stand out while staying professional.

However, the overuse of different styles of fonts makes the logo look unprofessional and messy.

It creates an almost unreadable logo that may turn customers away instead of coming across as trendy.

This is especially true if using three or more different fonts that are entirely unlike each other.

  • Irregular, angular typefaces may appear as aggressive or dynamic; on the other hand, soft, rounded letters give a youthful appeal. Curved typefaces and cursive scripts tend to appeal more to women, while strong, bold lettering has a more masculine edge.

Intelligibility and easy recognition of the company or brand are much improved when a logo uses only one or two different types of font.

2) Colour

Everyone has an emotional response to different colours, this is why the colour choice for your logo is very important. The colour you chose will follow you everywhere (website, social media, advertising campaign, internal papers etc…). The right colour can sell your brand story without words and make your company easy to remember.

Here are common colour associations.

  • Red/pink: passion, love, excitement, energy, anger, spice, entertainment, action
  • Orange/yellow: happy, fun, young, friendly, cheerful, positive, confident, forward-thinking
  • Green: pure, natural, earthy, fresh, organic, calming, caring
  • Blue: soothing, peaceful, honest, trustworthy, secure, sadness, new beginnings
  • Purple: creativity, luxury, majesty, nostalgic, magical, mystical
  • Black: sophistication, authority, modern, luxury, seduction, simplicity, mystery

Research common logo colours in your industry to get a sense of what works. For example, in the tech sector, we can see a lot of blue and black.

3) Shape

Particular logo shapes send out particular messages:

  • Circles, ovals and ellipses tend to project a positive emotional message. Using a circle in a logo can suggest community, friendship, love, relationships and unity. Curves on any sort tend to be viewed as feminine in nature.
  • Straight edged logo shapes such as squares and triangles suggest stability and can also be used to imply balance. Straight lines and precise logo shapes also reveal strength, professionalism and efficiency. Nevertheless, if they are combined with colours like blue and grey, they may appear cold and uninviting. On the opposite, if you use bright, warm colours you can create something interesting and joyful.
  • Triangles are often associated with power, science, religion and law. Often viewed as masculine attributes it can be very interesting to use them if your target tent to be more masculine.
  • Our subconscious minds connect vertical lines with virility, strength and aggression, while horizontal lines suggest community, tranquillity and serenity.

You can also choose a shape that makes sense with the product or service you are selling.

4) Meaning

Your tech logo says a lot about your company, you want your potential customer to understand quickly what is your company purpose, what service or product you propose. But you can also put a lot of different message inside your logo (some of them can be well hidden). Let’s take for example the Amazon logo;

The smile in orange we can see below the wording pointing from A to Z represent the fact that Amazon is sells everything from A to Z and the smile on customers faces when they buy a product.

5) Values

Your tech logo embodies your values, as you can see from the explanation of the colours, fonts and shapes. When they are all put together they are representing the values of your tech company. This is why you have to pick them carefully because the worst will be that your customers don’t understand your company values and misunderstood what to expect from you and feel lost.

6) Versatility

When you create a tech logo you have to make it easily adjustable to various size and formats. It’s even truer now with social media and your website because people are going to see them on different devices (phones, tablet, computer, TV…). A distorted logo will make you lose your professionalism and credibility.

Make sure your tech logo is designed in vector format, this way it’s easily scalable and editable. Your logo needs to be a source of creativity and not a source of restrictions.

Don’t forget that your logo needs to look good even in black and white because for marketing materials and print advertising use, sometimes the printing will be done in black and white.

7) Simplicity

The more your logo will be simple and clear the more you will be easily recognised in your market. A simple tech logo will keep attention on the brand and help the understanding of your viewer. An overly crowded or busy design logo can lead to the loss of potential customers.

Keep in mind, the simpler the better.

8) Different

Simplicity doesn’t mean any personality, you must differentiate yourself from competitors if you want to stand out and catch the attention of your target.

Before creating a logo make sure to have a good look through all your competitor’s logo and find the common aspect and the differentiation.

You can also inspire yourself by looking at famous brands logo and catch the logo trend that works for your target.

Try to find the differentiation that suits your brand and help you distinguish your brand from the others.

9) Timeless

The neutrality and simplicity of design make a logo timeless. If your brand is here to last, it is essential to spend time creating a good logo that can be used for decades or even generations.

This way your logo will stay in the mind of your customer and they will always remember your brand, your values and the experience they had with your product/service.

10) Professionally made

I’m sure that with all those pieces of information about the creation of a good logo in tech you understand the importance and the meaning behind a “good logo”. Here at 3 Colours rule, we know that the creation of a logo is a big deal and it can take you a lot of time. This is why we decided to create our affordable branding packages designed specifically for the tech industry.

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We hope that this article will help you understand what makes a logo a “good logo”. Especially in the tech world where everything is moving so fast and having a great brand identity may seem challenging.