What is the best social media strategy for a tech company?

Having a social media strategy is crucial for your tech brand development. Your community of clients is often the main asset of companies. Loyal clients share your content and promote your brand on their own. Your social media strategy must be diversified because your prospects dislike being pushed to buy your products or services. Ideally, you should find the right balance between all the possibilities you will read in this article.

Before posting on your social networks, you should ask yourself:

What do you want to achieve from your social media strategy?

By defining if you to increase brand awareness, cash flow, engagement or any other business objectives, it will give you clarity on the strategy and actions you need to undertake. You will focus your efforts on key performance indicators that matter.

How can you “humanise” your tech brand experience? 

Humanising your brand experience is important. But what does it actually mean? Your brand should communicate an experience associated with a feeling: happiness, fun, compassion, drive, etc. Your clients and prospects want to interact with a company that understands them personally. This is where your tone of voice needs to be consistent with the value of your brand.

Humanising a brand communicates to individuals that your company exists beyond profit. Different methods exist. Here are some examples:

  • Share true stories, about the team, the founder, your product, how you came up with your ideas…
  • Share testimonials from your clients, interviews…
  • Respond to questions on social networks as quickly as possible, with your own tone of voice
  • Share some extra-professional activities that your business is involved in such as charities…

Raytheon, a cyber-security company, organises seminars with children of military families to study science for example. This is not their core business, but it is excellent to develop their brand emotional engagement by supporting the community and contributing to society.

Do you want your tech company to be a great source of valuable information? 

To engage your community to read regularly your content, you should consider sharing valuable information. Companies usually share two types of content:

One, they aim to teach their community their expertise or knowledge in a specific area. IBM did it  perfectly on LinkedIn:

But small companies have also done it well, such as Avecto:

The second possibility is to directly share the news that has not been written by your company. This aims to increase your credibility and your community will be more enthusiastic about reading your posts.

Do you want to increase your reach thanks to your social media?

A partnership is a good way to increase your visibility on social media. Use tags to connect with your partner’s community.

Using the technology of an established tech company such as a processor could help you increase your product visibility and brand awareness.

For example, Stableguard used NVIDIA’s GPUs to create a nanny cam for horses to protect their safety. They tweeted it and reached NVIDIA’s community thanks to a simple retweet from the firm.

They went from no social engagement: 0 likes, comments or shares to 8 318 views with 138 likes and 32 retweets.

Do you want to promote your tech company? 

Social media shouldn’t be used solely to promote your content. A Facebook page full of discounts, special offers, and new releases would not have a large readership. This will disengage your community and affect your turnover. So, create a balanced content of valuable information and promotional content to maximise your reach.

This is very relevant especially if you are an SME with a limited advertising budget for social media advertising. Senseye, a scalable predictive maintenance company, shares a lot of their articles, and sometimes shares special offers such as this one:


Do you want to build your tech company’s reputation?

Social media is one of the ways to improve your reputation without breaking the bank. Contribute to social projects, share valuable information, get a partnership with strong brands… But another very powerful way is to get reviews.

Your Google Review score appears on Google each time a prospect search for your brand. If you own an app, ask for reviews on the app or android store.

Checking reviews from previous consumers is a natural part of the buying process.

This London Fintech start-up states to offer “impeccable loan experience”:

Azoomee, a kid games company:

Even with a few reviews, the neurobranding impact of having 5 stars reviews reassure your prospects and activate their engagement towards your brand.

To sum up, there are a lot of ways to communicate through your social media. The most important is to define your social media objectives, define a tone of voice that aligns with your brand personality and values. And finally, find the perfect content style balance to keep your community engage with your posts.