‘What are the legal requirements when setting up and running a tech company?’

This is a content teaser for the upcoming B.I.G. Workshop. Karen Holden from A City Law Firm is one of our experts. The B.I.G Workshop, London’s first-of-its-kind, interactive tech workshop for tech startups looking to elevate their brand and improve the industry.

Karen established A City Law Firm to provide experienced and dynamic solicitors in the City of London, who could think outside the box, whilst delivering at competitive costs. Having worked for large target based commercial law firms Karen wanted to offer a place where individuals and companies could obtain sound legal advice and develop a relationship with a firm which they trusted and relied upon. Clients have followed Karen since 2003 when she was training due to her track record in getting results.

One of Karens aims is to create structures for businesses and individuals seeking to secure investment either through equity share, EIS or corporate bonds and debt financing, by making them legally investment ready and through regulated tax advisors commercially aware of the types of structures available. 

As a commercial and innovative firm, we meet many clients, developing disruptive technology, looking to start or scale-up their business and most getting ready for investment and funding. This can span over drones, VR, IOT, blockchain, fintech, cryptocurrency or utility tokens, patents, code and much more.

Get advisors onboard early

Our advice is always to have good advisors on board early on, as this often saves you money in the long run, both from a tax and legal perspective. Also bespoke, as such relevant legal documents, and IP protection in place not only helps offer a stable platform upon which to build your business, but it is essential to attract and secure investment.



The basics that you will need to consider and have in place include:

  • A shareholders agreement, so you are all in agreement going forward and have those tough conversations early on.
  • GDPR compliance, policies and website statements.
  • Tight terms and conditions with your designers/sub-contractors/suppliers/clients and any staff to protect your ideas and confidential information…

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