The Fintech Marketing Agency Shares Best Tips and Tricks for Money 2020

This is your helpful guide to attending the event from a fintech marketing agency

The Money20/20 event is one of the largest and most influential FinTech conferences in the world. As a fintech marketing agency, we wanted to share some strategies to make the most of your time at Money 2020. You are not just attending this conference to learn, talk or listen – you are here to find leads, create relationships and achieve business objectives. Your relationship with other attendees determines how effective you’ll be at achieving these goals.

Here are a few tips from our fintech marketing agency on how you can easily make the most out of your Money 20/20 experience:


Prepare yourself for a challenge.

The first thing you should do before attending this event is to find people who have attended Money 2020 before and can guide you through all the challenges that await at this event. Speak to colleagues, connections or clients who have been there before and know what it takes to be successful at Money 2020. Don’t go alone, go with someone who will help you find ways to overcome any obstacles that may arise during this conference.

In addition, you also need a clear goal for why you are attending this event in the first place. Having a clear goal will help keep you focused on what matters most: identifying defined prospects or learning new things and meeting new people who share similar interests as yours. It will also stop you from wasting precious time doing things that aren’t related to your overall purpose for attending this conference.


Check out the agenda and mark the events that are relevant to you.

First, check out the agenda and mark the sessions and networking events that are relevant to you. You may be interested in learning about how blockchain technology could affect your business or getting tips for developing an app for Apple Pay.

Second, arrive early! Registration starts at 9:00 am, but lines can get long as soon as 8:30 am. If you’re planning on attending multiple sessions, try arriving early enough to attend one or two that are before your first presentation. That way you can get some networking done before being whisked away into another room for a presentation.

Finally, take advantage of breaks between sessions by meeting people from other companies and discussing topics that aren’t related directly to your work. You never know who might have connections that could help with something unrelated but still important!


Have a backup plan in case things don’t go as expected.

It’s always good to have a backup plan for any situation that comes up during the Money 2020 conference. That way, if something happens unexpectedly, you’ll be able to quickly adjust and find something else that interests you.

Set aside enough time for networking. This is a great opportunity for networking with other attendees, exhibitors and potential partners, so make sure to take advantage of it! Make sure to schedule enough time for networking so that you can meet everyone who’s attending the conference and talk about business opportunities or partnerships that might come out of the event. (If there’s no time scheduled specifically for networking, try making an appointment with someone before or after their session.)

Don’t forget about relaxation! While it’s important to keep busy during Money2020, don’t forget about taking breaks from all of your activities and just relaxing for a minute or two every once in a while.



Bring all your gadgets, they will help you be more productive, but remember to be mindful of the battery life.

First of all: bring all your gadgets. They will help you be more productive, but remember to be mindful of the battery life. You don’t want to be caught without a way to charge up when you need it most!

Next, take advantage of all the networking opportunities afforded by Money 2020. Whether you’re meeting fellow attendees or speakers and investors, get out there and talk about what excites you about FinTech! And don’t forget that social media is another great way to network—so make sure you’re sharing pictures from your trip on Twitter and Instagram so everyone knows what a good time they could be having at Money 2020 if they weren’t stuck at home working (or whatever).

Finally, don’t forget about the parties! There are always great after-parties with free drinks and food at events like this one—and at Money 2020 in particular, where our team has been known to throw some pretty epic bashes (just ask any of our past attendees).


Be friendly, focus on getting to know people better and explore new opportunities – it might work in your favour in the future.

A lot of people come to Money 2020 with their own agenda, but if you’re friendly and approachable, you’ll be able to meet some really interesting people. If you’re there to establish business connections or make new friends, don’t be afraid to show it!

Focus on getting to know people better.

You might think that everyone at Money 2020 will already know each other—and that’s true for some—but there are also lots of amazing opportunities for new connections and relationships. Try your best not to get sucked into conversations about the latest technology or trends and focus on getting to know people better.

Explore new opportunities – it might work in your favour in the future: Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what other companies are working on. You might just find something interesting enough for use in your own company!


Get ready to take notes and learn.

Always keep an open mind to new ideas, discuss them with others and use them to improve yourself. At Money2020, you will be exposed to the best minds in FinTech and learn about the latest innovations from start-ups and established companies alike. You will get a chance to connect with other professionals from across industries, who are also interested in learning more about how technology can be used to disrupt financial services.

The event has become known as an opportunity for attendees to learn from peers while sharing their own ideas and insights into how technology can be applied in different ways.

It is also an opportunity for attendees to network with industry experts and potential clients during networking breaks throughout each day. The atmosphere at Money2020 is always friendly and relaxed so feel free to walk up to anyone who looks interesting!



As a fintech marketing agency, we know Money20/20 is the meta of fintech and loads of opportunities during this event. So make sure you’ll have something important to show for it. The Money 20/20 conference is the best place to meet executives and business heads from the most important emerging fintech companies. They are all in one place, so you don’t have to travel around the world to talk to them. As long as you choose good examples of FinTech products and services and present your company or startup as an expert, you’re almost sure of closing some deal at the event. Networking intensively and putting all your effort into finding the right partners for your future success, could be a turning point for your company that will eventually help it change the FinTech industry by bringing more transparency, reliability and security to the digital currency market.

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Good luck!