Technology Marketing FAQs

How to develop an effective tech brand positioning

When you started your tech business, you tested numerous markets and business strategies until you found the ones that worked best for you. I listed a few things you should consider if you want to maintain continuous growth.

Does your tech brand name still align your brand identity?


  • Stakeholders consistently make the wrong assumption about what your company does and you end up having to explain it
  • It doesn’t align with your new business activities. If your business expands to offer additional services or products, you should consider changing your name so your stakeholders don’t remain knowing your brand for one element of your business
  • You want to do business internationally but your brand name translates negatively
  • You have merged with another company and their brand name has more value and credibility than yours
  • Creating a new brand name is not as easy as it seems. It is a long process where you have to find the brand name that attracts and aligns with your market and your identity. Ideally, your brand name should be easy to spell and easy to pronounce. Simplicity is a must-have especially nowadays where simple names are most of the time not available. A brand made of 2 to 3 syllables is ideal.

Does your logo need to be updated or redesigned?

Every business should refresh and change its logo every 5-10 years to remain accurate in the market in they operate. If your brand logo looks outdated, it implies your brand hasn’t evolved to remain competitive. Therefore you are not perceived as a key leader. Most businesses started with limited capital, and little to no money was spent on the logo design. Now that your business has grown and your brand value is more established, it needs to reflect your brand vision. It reflects where your business is headed not where you are at the present. Therefore, you will need to update your logo to project the optimal brand credibility to attract more business.

Are your colours still aligned with your activities?

Every colour has different meanings. Keep also in mind that some colours can be perceived differently in different cultures. If you are planning to expand your business internationally, worth conducting some “translate communication” research with an agency. Remember, choosing the right tone, shade and colour combination is extremely important. That’s where most businesses get it wrong. Your brand colours should be appealing and align with your target audience.

Does your website engage and attract new clients?

Your website is the front window of your entire company. First impression matters as you get no second chance. If your website bounce rate is above 25%, this means you are projecting the brand attraction your prospects are looking for.

What types of tech companies need branding?

  • Your business idea is not viable
  • You aren’t looking to grow and the passion is gone
  • You are dreamentrepreneur
  • You think expense instead of investment
  • We think long term, not short term

Does your tech brand need a rebrand or a brand adaptation?

Your tech brand is off the ground and now you are faced with a decision to take your business to the next level. Does your tech business need a rebrand or a brand adaptation? It is important to understand where your business is to draw a distinction between rebrand and brand adaptations.