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What do we do

We help tech startups and tech SMEs develop remarkable brands for the world of tomorrow. With us, develop a strong tech startup brand identity to attract and grow continuously. 

3 Colours Rule is a branding and marketing agency that helps tech startups and SMEs develop appealing brands. Our creative and result-driven team delivers complex projects smoothly and effectively because of our tech experience and capabilities. With your best interest at heart, we work alongside you to make your vision a reality.

Brands who trust us

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How we do it

Helping you achieve the success your tech company deserves with our tech brand identity services. You are guaranteed to have a great team with a track record of working successfully with companies like yours.

What emotional reaction would you like your audience to have in response to your brand? A well-designed brand identity will make it a reality.

Brand identity is the creative look and feel of your business. It covers everything you use to position and market your brand, including your logo design, your communication materials and your website.

We’re specialists in tech branding and neuromarketing, which means we know exactly what it takes to create a brand identity that will drive brand awareness, brand engagement and brand equity to give you an advantage in the highly competitive tech field. We’ll work with you to develop a memorable and differentiated brand identity that is in line with your brand strategy and positioning. With our help, you’ll find your brands unique:

  • Brand naming and logo to upgrade the recognition of your business and to enhance the trust and credibility people place in your brand
  • Animation and Video to build and relay your businesses personality
  • Brochure to define the unique aspects of your business
  • Deck and PowerPoint to generate new enquiries leading to clients and customers

1. Brand Design Discovery Workshop

During the brand workshop, we will run through a series of questions to understand everything about your current brand design, your name, your logo, your and communications and your market so we can evaluate how we can refine your brand identity.

2. Brand Design Audit

Now that we know everything about your brand, our team will conduct in-depth research to identify the strengths, weaknesses, market opportunities and threats of your brand identity. We then provide directives on brand identity that we need to work on.

3. Success Road Map

After completion of your brand design audit, we will draft your bespoke D.A.C. roadmap to success. Your bespoke roadmap will cover all elements relevant to your brand identity, such as brand naming, logo, animation, video, brochure, deck and PowerPoint.

4. Actions – Time to Grow

Now that the plan is set, it is time to activate. You now have a dedicated team of experts supporting the success of your brand, monitoring and guiding along the way.

Why we deliver

Our brand success approach is recognised and used by marketers around the world. We deliver, around the world, branding and marketing keynote presentations, workshops and work alongside organisations to support tech entrepreneurs.

For tech startups and SMEs, distilling complicated technical jargon and company culture into a compelling and differentiated brand is a difficult challenge to overcome.

Our expertise in tech branding and neuromarketing means we know exactly what it takes to create a great brand identity that will drive brand awareness, brand engagement and brand equity to give you an advantage in the highly competitive tech field.

At 3 Colours Rule, we pride ourselves on our ability to develop memorable tech brand identities that accurately reflect their companies vision and values. We work alongside you to develop a unique and highly recognisable tech brand identity.

Tech Brand Success Case Studies

You can visit our portfolio to read about our client success in details

Ingenious' website on multiple screens after 3 Colours Rule's D.A.C system
Ingenious App Studios rebranded and increased their appeal and engagement 
Clarus Fortior Website on an IPad
Clarus Fortior secured partnerships with Natwest and HSBC
Hublr airline ticket on a wooden background
Hublr gained pre-launch investment interest

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