Tech company branding – How to successfully do it

Most technology companies don’t pay a lot of attention to the languages of their brand. Tech company branding strategies are undervalued. In this technology industry, every business is racing to define the future, the short-term rush of product marketing too often steals focus from the slower wheel of brand development. Tech business often forgets the big picture, the deeper story, the overarching audience relationship feels less urgent by comparison. In this article, you will learn to do tech company branding – how to successfully do it. 

The same mistake is common in the tech industry, where it’s easy to think that the best product will beat out all of the competition, the problem here is that the best products don’t always make the most successful companies. Not having a brand tops the list of mistakes that tech business/startups are prone to make. 

Your tech company branding strategy deserves at least as much attention as the innovation of your tech. Branding is the foundation that supports your whole tech business— so how to make it a good one? Established tech companies have this in common: Their brand promise is unmistakably clear, a brand promise is the core concepts that express your basic value proposition and sum up why your customers choose your brand. A brand promise needs to represent a clear, simple idea that’s easy to wrap your mind around. Branding is a challenge that all technology companies must overcome in order to succeed. Following are a few tips on tech company branding and how to successfully do it.

1. The power of a vision

Your brand promise originates from your vision. As a successful tech company branding, you have to know what you’re aiming for and why. Ask yourself this: how does your company vision benefit your audience? Articulate the answer, and you’ll be one step closer to a strong brand promise.

2.  Create a simple, clear message 

Once you know who your ideal client is, you need to communicate what it is you offer and what your impact is. Ask yourself: What do you do or what do you sell? Who you work with or who is your product for? What is you or your products’ impact?

3. Your brand promise communicates your USP

Think about what your tech company branding is doing well, that no one else is doing at all? Your unique selling proposition (or USP) is one of the most important components of your brand. It defines who your audience is and why they should care about you. The USP is the most vital information when claiming your position in the heavily competitive technology market. Defining your USP is a should be one of your principal goals. You can identify it through a thorough competitive analysis, informed by extensive interviews with internal and external stakeholders. Once you have defined your USP, you can start building your visual identity.   

4. Discover the power of  storytelling

There are many ways to tell a compelling story with your brand. The point is, all great tech company branding strategies tell one. Think of it this way. If your brand story defines the relationship between your company and your audience. A good brand story will stick better in the heads of your audience,  show them who you are and what you are to them.

5. Build your platform 

Get out there and start building credibility and visibility consistently. Spread the message about what you do, who you work with and the impact you make. Methods include: in-person networking, writing blog posts of your own or contributing to others, doing interviews, creating social media posts and participating in speaking engagements at related industry conferences.

Lastly, always remember the golden rule of successful tech company branding: be authentic. Think about the type of client or customer you would like to work with, simply share the benefits of what you do or sell, stand out with a style and story that’s unique to you, and build out a platform using your own ideas and expertise. Have fun and happy branding!

If you are looking for a way to develop an edge on your competitors, start by defining your tech company branding. In fact, technology firms tend to undervalue branding. In that spirit, we encourage you to pause for a moment to reflect on what your tech brand does and why (your vision). Identify what’s unique about your tech brand, a quality not shared with anyone else in the world (your USP). Figure out why your customers care; then brainstorm who that makes you by an extension (your story). Out of these exercises, your successful tech brand promise will emerge.