Tech-a-Break – On Invite Only

Tech-a-Break is a leadership breakfast experience with 10 CMOs and CEOs of tech companies who are invited to a topic relevant to their role and sector. We open the room for interactions through insightful conversations, talks and food experiences. To maximise the relevance of the interactions with invite tech companies with similar business sizes.
  • Each leadership breakfast experience occurs once a month on a Tuesday morning
  • It starts at 08.30 and until 10.30 – Breakfast is served at 9.00 precisely
  • You only get invited once a year to this breakfast experience
  • If you cancel or are unable to attend, you can apply again in 12 months
  • The invitation is not transferrable
  • When you are confirmed for breakfast, present your invitation at the entrance to be granted access

To attend one of our breakfast experiences, please complete the form and we will contact you when a place is available.