Social selling. How to transform your LinkedIn activities into a powerful client lead generator

Not everyone has mastered how to effectively use social media to find and attract clients. On the other side, Millennials and Generation Z love it and use it abusively. We can’t deny the fact that social media has changed the game and has allowed entrepreneurs and SMEs to rocket launch or grow their business. However, there is still a large number of established companies that haven’t effectively integrated social media activities to expand in their market. Would you like to know how to do it? Find out how to transform your LinkedIn into a client generator

I love social media because it works for me. I use it for business all the time. Social media has allowed me to work with clients around the world, grow my personal brand through PR activities and so much more. I’m a people person and feel lucky to have met some incredible individuals that I would have probably never met if it wasn’t for those social media platforms. Let me share 3 tips you can apply quickly so you can enjoy your social media experience and improve your social selling.


A – Be seen

Build your network, you need followers and a sufficient amount of great connections. With LinkedIn, aim for 500 meaningful connections that are likely to engage with you and understand the value of connecting with you. Everything you do online will be seen by everyone so be mindful of a personal brand you portray. Connect on LinkedIn with individuals you meet through networking to start with. Don’t forget your prospects and your clients.


B – Be human and authentic

Your prospects buy into you. Would you approach someone on the street and sell them straightaway your services? Of course not so why do it online? Like anyone, find out more about them by asking one question, not twenty-five. Not everyone needs your services right now or at all. To discover the situation they are currently in first. What do they want, need or value? Remember no one like to be sold but everyone loves to buy. Always aim to provide value before selling.


C – Provide value

Stop direct advertising. Nothing is more irritating than receiving a long sales pitch message after accepting a connection request. Would you go to a networking event and straightaway start the conversation selling to them while shaking their hand? Of course not, so why do it online?

Start with those 3 activities and let me know how it goes. There are loads of other strategic social activities that you can do but I didn’t want to overwhelm you. The path to social media isn’t a straightforward journey but definitely worth it.

This is how you transform your LinkedIn into a client generator!


Would you like to no more?

Would you like to know how I use LinkedIn to get:

  • 1 to 4 good leads every week
  • grow my network with at least 50 connections week after week
  • secure speaking engagement, podcast, interviews as a result of my activities
  • meet some amazing business people who open new doors for me?

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The article was written by Flavilla Fongang


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