Social Impact

Enabling a world that benefits us all

Being good at what we do is no longer enough. We all have a part to play in order to tackle the amplifying societal challenges. Diversity issues, climate change, the rise of mental health issues can no longer be ignored. We know citizens are expecting more from brands and as a business, we can no longer ignore our responsibility.

As a voice in the branding and marketing industry, we will use our power of influence to stimulate conversations and behavioural changes. We need to think, so we can feel and act less selfishly. Discover below how we are planning to be more meaningful in our society.

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Our social impact activities


TLA Black Women in Tech

We created TLA Black women in tech as a not-for-profit global organisation to build bridges of opportunities in tech by enabling black female talents to excel and companies to have access to black women of talent.

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The Entrepreneurship Centre Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

We support entrepreneurs and graduates from various backgrounds and through various institutions in order to ease their access to the workplace or their entrepreneurship success.

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business leaders

Board member roles

We offer free support for business leaders through NED positions. We work with Be the Business, a not-for-profit organisation set up by the government to support SMEs. All the information on our Be the Business Digital resource is completely free and available for you to interact with or download.

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3 Colours Rule is committed to three global missions for social impact

Better work-life balance for mental strength

We have always believed in the importance of giving our team the flexibility they need to work away that will optimise their productivity and happiness. With an office based in London, our employees can enjoy our hybrid work culture. We provide health programmes so they can feel great.

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Women diversity and empowerment

From the creation of our agency, we understood the importance of diversity to be able to create fantastic brands that resonate with people from various backgrounds. Our team is a melting pot of the world. We support the next generation to successfully enter the workplace through our internship programmes.

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The environment

We are committed to reducing plastic and food waste. This is why with no plastic cutlery policy in the office. We also recycle and have reduced our printing activities to 80% by focusing on better digital solutions while encouraging our network to do the same.

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