Six Steps to Maximise Business Opportunities through Christmas as a B2B Tech Brand

Welcome to the merry month of December. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and you know what that means? Lots of Christmas-themed meals, parties, and business! Whether you’re a fintech start-up or a multi-national tech corporation, now is an excellent time to make sure that your B2B brand maximizes business opportunities through Christmas.

For a B2B tech brand, Christmas can be a challenging time of year. With so many sales opportunities and so many outcomes to track, it is important to maximise your opportunities. By planning ahead and preparing yourself with the right information, you can ensure that your business remains successful throughout the festive season.

Here are six steps on how to maximise business opportunities as a B2B Tech Brand this Christmas:

1. Start Early

Christmas is a time to relax and celebrate, with friends and family. But as a B2B tech brand, you need to be ready when your customers are having out-of-office drinks and putting up their feet.

Santa claus hands is planning and writing on notebook with world map on table for christmas trips

Christmas season comes around rapidly, and campaigns need planning as early as possible in order to maximise potential profit. The key advantages of beginning holiday marketing early are:

  • increasing brand identification
  • providing tech brands with an edge over rivals

Your tech company can earn customer loyalty, resource control, market leadership, and competitive advantage.

Be the ghost of the Christmas future, as early marketing decisions will position your tech brand to be recognised by potential customers and purchasers. As well as this, you will be in a favourable and loyal position from the retailers’ and customers’ perspectives. This is step one in how to maximise Christmas business as a B2B tech brand.

2. Begin with Christmas Relevancy

So, as a B2B Tech brand, how do you stay relevant over the holiday season and make sure that your customers have everything they need to help them make their Christmas wishes come true?

finished Green Animated Christmas Video

One of the most important steps in growing an audience for your brand is staying relevant. Maintaining relevancy is a lot easier when you are focused and consistent on your message.

Staying relevant and keeping up with Christmas content humanises your brand.  As well as this, it demonstrates to customers that you acknowledge this time of year alongside them. Some relevant ideas for tech companies could centre around tech gifts and new year’s resolutions.

For example, Christmas is an excellent opportunity to individualise your customers with relevancy. For 3 Colours Rule, we are a UK-based company; therefore, our content will focus on Christmas cosiness and festivities. Whereas, if your target audience is based in New Zealand or Australia, your content can’t be found around the fires, hot chocolate and wrapping up warm.

Ensure your Christmas content is relevant to your audience to determine your success during Christmas.

3. Giving your Content a Festive Flair 

Whatever your company does, there’s a Christmas version of it. As you get ready for the month of December, don’t forget the holiday spirit. Create festive content that reflects your corporate culture.

Festive content can shape your brand’s image in the minds of key customers, and therefore has a powerful impact on sales. Ensure that your holiday message has a strong theme and is consistent across all channels.

Case Study: Monzo
Monzo adds some festive flair to their standard Monzo card animation every Christmas. As you can see, even by adding a Santa hat and some festive features to your branding, your consumers can automatically see you’re celebrating alongside them.

This simple but effective method rapidly humanises Monzo’s brand and appeals to consumers.

From social media, blogs, or podcasts, creating unique content that brings a seasonal appeal will make your tech business stand out. Christmas is an excellent time for B2B brands to humanise themselves without the pressure of losing their corporate identity and credibility.

The advantages of social media marketing include increasing community involvement and brand recognition. Social media use increases in the days between the first of November and the first of January, showing an overall 26% increase in uploads of videos and photographs (Devon SEO co, 2021).

articleChristmas Sale Instagram Post

4. Santafy Your Email Campaigns

As a B2B Tech Brand, Christmas is a great time to maximise business opportunities with email campaigns. Why not send out some seasonal greetings to your contacts and customers? Make them smile? Put your best words forward and get in their inbox.

Blue & Black Baubles Minimalist Merry Christmas Twitter Post

93% of B2B marketers prioritise emails over social media platforms. Why? Because it’s the most effective. Christmas email campaigns deliver a huge ROI, yet many still miss out on the opportunity. We will give you the tools to make sure yours doesn’t get left behind.

Begin planning a Christmas email marketing campaign to offer and highlight relevant Christmas-themed content to keep your customers engaged. Emails are low costing and only require some creative marketing and festive spirit.

Utilise your emails to send personalised seasonal messages to your most loyal customers. Acknowledge Christmas and make your email content more personal to make consumers feel appreciated and let them know you’re not a Christmas Grinch!

5. Utilising your End of Year Budget

Business man Accounting Calculating Cost Economic budget putting Row and coin Write Finance ,investment and saving concept

It’s the end of the year, and you may have some unspent funds from your annual budget. Rather than carrying this money over to your next year’s budget, use it to experiment with Christmas campaigns and channels.

Did you know that over 95% of companies have an end-of-year budget? The end-of-year spending spree is a great opportunity for B2B tech brands to maximise their business opportunities and increase customer engagement.

You could create a competition for your audience, create a Christmas advert or invest some time into different graphics for the Christmas period. Please don’t lose your budget; use it!

6) Reflect and Prepare for the New Year

Christmas is a time of celebrations and relaxation. At the end of the year, it’s a good time to reflect on all the efforts you’ve put into your business.

Group of happy people holding sparklers at party and smiling. Yo

At 3 Colours Rule, we’re reflecting on how far our agency has come this year. We also take this opportunity to plan for the future and make sure we are in line with our vision. So sit down and conduct a review of your year. Make an assessment of what worked, what didn’t, and how you can grow your business even more in 2023.

Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t achieve all your goals this year; set yourself some realistic ones for next year. If you want to achieve something, it starts with setting an audacious goal that stretches you and your B2B brand’s comfort zone! Whether it’s focusing on maximising profit, the culture of your workplace, building a community, or strategising, write down some specific goals for 2023.


Overall, here are some top tips on how to utilise Christmas as a B2B Tech Business this Christmas:

Following these six steps will help you maximize profit and reach your business targets for Christmas. Through an integrated approach, you can build brand awareness in your target market, increase sales and maximise business opportunities. Remember not to lose focus, keep your eye on the prize and make the most of this opportunity!

From 3 Colours Rule, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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