Show them more & talk less – How can your tech company create great video content to set your brand apart from the competition?

Video content is a marketing tool that is very common with tech companies. Individuals are more likely to watch a 2 or 3 minute video to find a solution valuable to them. This is more captivating and engaging than text. This article focuses on the tech companies challenges when it comes to creating marketing content to promote their business. Discover what type of video content will set you apart from the competition.

Videos using the humorous tone

 It’s not because you are in the business world that your videos should be technical and rigid. Indeed, creating videos that are funny or entertaining will set you apart from the competition. Clients will also remember your company because an image or a video is worth a thousand words. Let’s take for example New Relic, a US analytical software company. One of the most popular videos is a rap video about coding made by one of their employees. You should expect a webinar or a tutorial on a specific subject of tech. Not at all, the company chose to be original while creating a really funny video.

Creating a video with testimonials of clients

 No matter how established your company is; success depends massively on word of mouth. Testimonials convert more in presenting your products or services. They are very powerful because they strengthen the credibility of your brand. Prospects need to trust you and testimonials strengthen the reliability of your brand. Simply ask for testimonials by asking your satisfied clients.

Sharing your testimonials on your website and social media is great but using video to share them makes them more unique and memorable. In this video, Dunkin Donuts is explaining that they use Salesforce, an American cloud computing company, and every day. Thanks to this platform, they realised that they saved a lot of time and they improved their client experience.

Creating animated infographics

Nowadays, some companies are using infographics to present facts and information about their businesses or their industry to potential clients. They are easy to understand and it’s colourful.

To go further and stand out from the competition, start producing animated infographics. These short 1-2 minute clips contain all the information that you would typically find in a standard infographic. However transforming the same content into “slide by slide” format with music, it becomes alive. Using animations to present statistics bring them to life.

For example, Insivia, the strategic consulting and digital business company produced animated infographics on the advantages of making videos for a business. Data are exactly the same as standard infographics. Yet when they are transformed into animated infographics, they are more engaging and entertaining for visitors.

To conclude, video or animation gives you the opportunity for prospects and clients to know your brand and your technology in an engaging way. Great video content improves your credibility while shortening the sales conversion process.


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