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About redi

redi’s vision exists to move the real estate industry in to recognise a need to be more diverse, to open minds to individuals from different backgrounds can offer great experience/perspective. redi aspires to create a truly inclusive work within facilities and to raise awareness which will drive change.


Meta and JLL were looking for a creative agency with great creative abilities and diverse understanding for developing the brand identity of their new venture focused on bringing diversity to the real estate sector.


We created the brand name redi: real estate diversity & inclusion.

We created the brand identity through the development of the brand visual story and experience, the brand logo & guidelines, and the brand colour strategy. The symbol represents people from various backgrounds coming together to create a brighter world for all.


The brand successfully launched in 30 days.


Blessing Buraimoh
Head of Diversity and Inclusion
“We were working in partnership with a client who wanted to create a unique brand to enable them better communicate all of their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. The team at 3 Colours Rule was absolutely brilliant with engaging different stakeholders and coming up very quickly with great ideas and concepts which everyone loved and we were able to use. A big thank you to 3 Colours Rule”

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