REDI for Meta

Changing the industry for good

  • Sector: Real Estate
  • Location: UK
  • Reach: National

Meta and JLL started a new venture to bring diversity to their real estate sector. They wanted their industry to be more diverse and open-minded. They approached us with just an outline. We helped them to create their brand, ‘REDI’ (Real Estate Diversity & Inclusion). We continue to support the programme throughout.



Meta and JLL needed a marketing agency with great understanding and creative abilities. We fit their criteria with our experience in diversity branding and neuromarketing skills.


We created the brand identity through the development of the brand visual story and experience, logo, guidelines, and colour strategy/psychology.

The symbol represents people from various backgrounds coming together to create a brighter world for all.


REDI took home the trophy for the most impactful Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiative at the #IWFM Impact Awards. This award recognises the impact the REDI project has had providing thousands of young people, predominantly from underrepresented backgrounds, the opportunity to explore the real estate sector and the careers it has to offer.

As an ongoing project, we have more stage work to do. Currently, REDI unifies communications and it encourages people to recognise that individuals from different backgrounds offer great experiences and perspectives.

REDI creates truly inclusive work within facilities and raises awareness – driving change today.

  • Brand
  • Design
  • Diversity & Employer branding

We were working in partnership with a client who wanted to create a unique brand to enable them better communicate all of their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

The team at 3 Colours Rule was absolutely brilliant with engaging different stakeholders and coming up very quickly with great ideas and concepts which everyone loved and we were able to use. A big thank you to 3 Colours Rule

Blessing Buraimoh

Head of Diversity and Inclusion, JLL