A successful fast brand launch

  • Sector: Fintech
  • Location: UK
  • Reach: National

PENG provides small business owners with effective fintech solutions. These  improve their payment options, cash flow, and protect them against fraud. Giving them freedom and peace of mind to grow their business successfully.

PENG’s mission and purpose is to make financial literacy accessible to all.
So individuals from under-privileged backgrounds and entrepreneurs can achieve financial freedom.


PENG could identify that there are customers who need simple, portable payments and accounting systems without heavy fees. They needed a strong brand positioning and identity to secure a partnership with Ecospend. All within a two-month deadline.

They needed to work fast. They needed a strong brand identity. They needed to be attractive to small and medium businesses with limited resources.


As our client needed more precise goals, we conducted some research to maximize market opportunities.

We worked on the customer strategy to identify their optimal market position and value proposition. PENG is now positioned as a modern face-to-face payment solution for entrepreneurs. With a clear target and positioning, we emphasized their value proposition. We developed an appealing and distinguishable brand identity that aligned with these targets.


PENG secured a partnership with Ecospend within 30 days. PENG has a smart and modern face-to-face payment tool supported by strong, recognizable branding.

PENG’S App cloning development was authorized in less than 60 days; opening access to App stores.

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  • Design
  • Product
  • Strategy