Facebook for Meta

A successful fast brand launch

  • Sector: Fintech
  • Location: UK
  • Reach: National

Meta hired our agency for a transcreation job involving reviewing a campaign for Facebook and adapting its design and copy to suit a global audience.


Meta required the assistance of an agency that possessed cross-cultural communication skills on a global level to effectively transcreate a Facebook campaign. The objective of the campaign was to assist individuals in expanding their business through the use of Meta. The campaign needed adjustments to ensure it resonated with various cultural backgrounds.


The original campaign went under review and we evaluated its effectiveness in the target audience. This involved analyzing its design, messaging, and overall impact.

The strategy also involved readapting the campaign. We modified the design and messaging to ensure that it was relevant and resonated with a diverse range of cultural backgrounds.

We tailored the language to suit the target audience’s preferred language and communication style. This required the use of different idioms, expressions, and tone of voice to create a more personalized and relatable experience for the audience.


After the transcreation process, the brand campaign was launched globally with great success.

By speaking the language of its audience, the campaign was able to create a more personalized and relatable experience that drove higher engagement rates and increased brand loyalty.

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