Press Coverage
in Campaign Magazine, Marketing Week, MediaTel and Mobile Marketing.

  • Sector: DE&I Recruitment
  • Location: UK
  • Reach: International

BRiM is an initiative developed by Meta to increase Black representation in the UK marketing industry.

BRiM is powered by the world’s largest advertisers, agency partners, and industry diversity, equity and inclusion experts.



Meta needed to develop the brand identity of BRiM. From prior experience, our agency knows that diversity requires a thoughtful and intentional approach. Constructing an identity that reflected its values and resonated with its target audience was essential.


Developing a strong brand identity for BRiM required a strategic approach. We needed to research and understand the unique needs and values of BRiM as a company.

From our research, we constructed BRiM’s brand identity. This included BRiM’s framework, brand guidelines, logo, sound, letterheads and a master presentation. Every component of our work reflected BRiMs values of representation, inclusivity and trust.

Our innovative and diverse team successfully and efficiently brought BRiM’s brand to life.


On its launch, BRiM received exceptional engagement and press coverage. The BRiM initiative has been featured in Campaign Magazine, Marketing Week, MediaTel and Mobile Marketing.

Companies such as Unilever, Facebook, VCCP and many others passionately advocate BRiM.

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For me, there was never a second choice for someone to lead the creative charge for BRiM! And sister, you and 3 Colours Rule have done us proud! I can’t wait to see what we get to do together next.

Deborah Womack

Marketing Leadership, Facebook

Your work on BRiM is outstanding. Thank you for bringing the brand to life in such a compelling way. We’ve loved working with you.

Henrie Clarke

Director, EMEA Client Councils

Your team definitely rule! Thanks for all the passion, hard work and brilliant delivery. It’s time we all get it, love it and ultimately live it. Let’s all make #BRIM happen now.

Dean Aragón

CEO & Vice Chairman, Shell Brands International