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Arivu is an innovative and affordable platform that helps businesses efficiently manage their public and third-party data. With Arivu, companies can automate the production of complex quality reports that meet various standards, which can be readily accessed by auditors, partners, and insurers. The platform is powered by blockchain, providing an anti-green washing solution that ensures the reliability and responsibility of the reports produced. Arivu offers a codeless component feature that makes it easier for businesses to configure the platform to their ESG needs quickly and easily. This feature also lowers the barrier to entry for blockchain technology. With Arivu, companies can produce audited, committed reports, ensuring interdependence, reliability, and responsibility.


Our client sought to attract and convert more high-value prospects but needed help articulating their value proposition and converting more effectively. Like many tech companies, their ESG tech solutions were perceived as optional. 


Through the brand audit, we identified that ESG requirements are at the forefront of enterprises’ priorities. We proceeded to restructure the brand and simplify messaging for customers to strengthen their value proposition and positioning. 


There was a 50% growth in pilot and partnership acquisitions, allowing product improvement while growing the brand. Arivu obtained 28 fintech and blockchain media features in the 1st month through great story strategy. CEO engaged in multiple interviews, panels and podcast

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