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 “You guys make such a difference to the businesses you touch. You are supernatural and want the best for your customers. They have a huge life experience to share.”

Edward Cole – MD, Katlas

“There are not enough words to describe how helpful, driven and friendly they are. I hired them to complete some marketing tasks that went far above and beyond my expectations. They are clearly dedicated to adding value to her clients. It is a great pleasure to work with and it is my pleasure to recommend them” 

Michael Abtar, founder of IG Smart

“Among the many candidates we’ve been considering, 3 Colours Rule stood out in many ways including their willingness to understand, push their knowledge beyond their means and adapt to an extremely challenging messaging problem we have been encountering.” 

Bilal Itani, co-founder of Modular Global.

” I highly recommend 3 Colours Rule at any stage of your business venture”

Gangdo Nguinabe, Managing Director of ProFeel.

“They did a fantastic job. The logo looks great despite the ridiculous timescale 3 colours rule were working too. I will definitely be using them again.”
Tony Antoniou, founder of Yowser.
TLA Black Women in Tech – Grew to over 1,000 members without a website but with a great growth community strategy
  • Situation: TLA Black Women in Tech was born out of a desire to inspire, support, connect the tech sphere to allow more black women to excel and tech companies to perform better through diversity & inclusion.
  • Solution: We focus our efforts on building relationships with partners in the industry, growth communication strategy and events before developing an engaging website.
  • Results: TLA Black Women in Tech has worked with established companies such as Deutsche Bank, Deloitte, Unilever, Arbuthnot and Latham, The Department of Education and many more. TLA Black Women in Tech attracted: 1,117 Active members across the world, 1,876 Event attendees, 2,041 LinkedIn followers and 1,484 Twitter followers.
EIP – Recognised in the InsurTech100 list of tech companies transforming the global insurance industry
  • Situation: Our client had grown and expanded their activities. As a result, they were lacking clarity and it became difficult to simply articulate their brand value proposition to their prospects. They needed assistance with their brand value proposition, messaging, product strategy and brand presentation in order to scale their business exponentially and internationally.
  • Solution: We completed a growth audit with EIP and identified the key strengths & weaknesses of the company against its key competitors. Following the brand audit, we conducted their brand strategy and product strategy to effectively articulate their unique set of values to increase prospect conversion, customer product adoption and transaction. This resulted in a clear value proposition that resonates with various customer sectors. Then we carried out the redesign of their brand identity, including logo, colour scheme, brand collaterals, marketing decks & website. As well as a review and simplification of the brand messaging, including website, social channels, marketing materials and PR.
  • Results: EIP is recognised as a world-leading insurTech company, providing a complete end-to-end digital solution for smartphone and lifestyle insurers. They received recognition from FinTech Global as a top 100 insurTech company.
Suzuki – Creative Brand Experience resulted in 30% Traffic Increase in 24 hours and 17% Client Conversion Increase
  • Situation: For the launch of their new range of city cars, Suzuki exhibited at a leading beauty, fitness and well-being women’s event in the UK. Suzuki was looking for a fun and innovative way to attract visitors and create a memorable experience, with the aim to raise brand awareness.
  • Solution: Our unique set of skills in neuro-design and neuromarketing allowed us to develop a bespoke, colour psychology game that allowed visitors to get a unique brand and product presentation, based on their psychometrics.
  • Results: As a result of this, all visitors were more engaged because of the car colour psychology game and the accuracy of the results. There was a 30% traffic increase on the stand, compared to the previous year, and 60% of the visitors discovered new functionalities and benefits of Suzuki’s car range.
Amadeus – Rebrand resulted in a 50% Client Value Transaction Increase within 3 months and National Brand Expansion
  • Situation: Our client wanted to increase their sales revenue and profit margin, in order to expand the company nationally. The current brand presentation did not showcase the credibility and experience our client has achieved over the years.
  • Solution: Firstly, we tackled this issue by developing a strong, brand value proposition strategy to clearly communicate their brand trust, credibility and brand differentiation. Once the brand strategy was completed, we redesigned their entire brand identity to ensure their presence aligned with their brand strategy. This included tasks such as: logo design with brand guidelines, marketing brochure, website, copywriting and social media. Through the implementation of this process, we were able to instantly reduce the cost of acquisition by simply changing how the brand was showcased and articulated.
  • Results: The brand was able to increase the number of service orders per transaction, thanks to a better service and benefit articulation.
Modular – Digital Rebrand resulted in International Brand Expansion
  • Situation: Our client needed an effective, creative and simple way to showcase the relevance of their technology and their unique value proposition, online. Before approaching our agency, our client has previously worked with a creative agency, which had failed to understand and articulate their unique value.
  • Solution: After conducting the web analysis, we had the necessary information to develop the web strategy used to effectively communicate the services offered by Modular and engage the audience. For the second phase of the website rebrand, we created several animations and video, produced in order to support the content and engage the audience. The visual content was a dynamic demonstration of their services.
  • Results: Modular was able to expand its activities in the UK, Germany and Lebanon.
Ingenious App Studios – Brand Strategy and Rebrand 
  • Situation: Our client needed an effective, creative and simple way to distinguish themselves in a saturated market.
  • Solution: Following a full brand discovery, we identified the strengths of the company, in order to effectively articulate their unique set of values, design their brand identity and digital brand presentation.
  • Results: Ingenious App Studios recently relaunched and has been described by users as more engaging and appealing.
GC – Social Media Campaign resulted in 50,000 New App Users in 4 weeks while growing Brand Awareness Internationally
  • Situation: Our client needed our help to create an engaging and creative social media campaign, to grow app users across Europe and Africa.
  • Solution: We started off by tackling this brand communication issue by developing their strong brand value proposition strategy, to clearly communicate their brand trust, credibility and brand differentiation. Next, when the brand strategy was completed, we revamped the brand communication to ensure their presence aligned with their brand strategy. This included tasks such as website design, photos copywriting and social media. Using this process meant that we were able to instantly reduce the cost of acquisition by changing how the brand was showcased and articulated. Lastly, to build brand awareness and trust, we focused on social advertising and brand partnerships. This was achieved by working with recognised brands with a large client database, who would find value in partnering with our client. Our client ran private events to educate the prospects before converting them into users of the app.
  • Results: Within 4 weeks of working with our client, they obtained 50,000 new app users and were featured in international press coverage across Europe and Africa, resulting in the brand scaling internationally.
iLove Snacks – Digital Transformation resulted in securing Multiple Retail Contracts and +200% Investment
  • Situation: Our client was unable to sell directly to the consumers with their current retail distribution strategy. In order to solve this matter, we needed to create an effective and engaging E-commerce website, to generate direct sales and grow multi-channel revenue.
  • Solution: Through our web strategy, we developed engaging shopping tools and activities to maximise monthly subscription and increase value transaction of each customer. We revamped the website design to create a modern & engaging website experience, used to attract potential customers.
  • Results: Our client secured 200% of the investment asked and is now distributed at Waitrose, Eurostar and various airlines.
Clarus Fortior Website on an IPad
Clarus Fortior – Brand Creation resulted in Securing Sponsorships and Partnerships with HSBC & NatWest within 3 months and National Brand Expansion
  • Situation: Our clients needed to create a brand that could project the optimal credibility from the start, however they didn’t have the expertise or experience to do it right. Moreover, our client only had a short period of time to create the entire brand, which included the name, logo, website and marketing materials.
  • Solution: We developed their brand name and logo creation, which were used to demonstrate brand superiority and attract ideal prospects. Then, by following their website strategy and design, we were able to effectively articulate the values and benefits of the brand. To complete the brand creation, we designed their marketing materials, such as brochures, to generate leads.
  • Results: Within 6 months of launch, our client successfully attracted their ideal prospects. They also expanded across the UK and secured sponsorships and partnerships with HSBC & Natwest.
Yowse – Fast pace Brand Creation helped them Secure Two New Contracts within 3 months
  • Situation: Our client needed to create their new brand in a short period of time, so they could pitch to large office space projects which would benefit from their technology.
  • Solution: Thanks to our expertise in project management, we were able to organise the effective creation of their brand in a short space of time.
  • Result: The client was able to secure large-project clients within 3 months of operation.
Hublr airline ticket on a wooden background
hublr – Brand Concept Creation and Communication Campaign resulted in Pre-launch Investment Interest from VCs
  • Situation: The brand concept of our client was that the business was created and developed internally. We wanted to create a brand that allows travel lovers to create travel experiences, while connecting with people on the same journey. The challenge of this project was to create a great brand that appeals to Millennials and Generation Z. The brand is still in the development phase and will soon be ready to use.
  • Solution: For effective brand concept development, we created a memorable tech brand name, a brand image which is, both, modern and social-orientated, creative branding, marketing collaterals and a great exhibition design experience for visitors.
  • Result: Investment interest raised through the pre-launch development
PriVida – Digital rebrand resulted in securing national projects with governments of Nigeria and Cameroon
  • Situation: Our client needed to rebrand their website to improve brand perception through online presence, grow market reach by attracting key partners and prospects and generate revenue through the e-commerce website
  • Solution: We freed our client’s time by taking full management of the web strategy, website design and development
  • Results: Since their website relaunch, our client continues to progress and secures new projects in Africa.

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