What are the key people you need to successfully launch your tech business

Nowadays many startuppers are looking for partners to help them build their business but finding the right people can be very challenging! What are the key people you need for your tech business? Find out now.

Always make sure to adapt this list to your business, capacities and resources.

The first things you need to know before start recruiting skills people are;

  • How many people do you want to hire?
  • What are the tasks you can’t do yourself already?
  • The tasks do you want them to realise?
  • The goals you want to achieve thanks to their help?


Another thing you need to think of is how you want to find them, you can;

  • Use a platform
  • Use word of mouth
  • Work with an agency
  • Create an offer on your website / social media

Now that you have all the answer to those question, here is a list of key people you need to successfully launch your tech business :

– Front-End Engineer:

This first engineer is very important, he will be your UX/UI Designer in charge of your website performance.
His role will be creating a responsive web design for the sake of your future customer in particular by creating all the visuals, using image editing tools such as GIMP or Photoshop. He will have to know how to use web languages such as HTML and CSS or JavaScript and finally take care of the accessibility of your website.

He will be in charge of answering the question “What the company’s website/platform looks like?”.

– Back-End Engineer:

This second engineer is also very important, the fact that they are two means that they will be able to concentrate more on their tasks and help each other if needed. And since you are running a Tech company having another engineer is not a bad idea.
This one will be in charge of the scripting languages (like Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby…), all the database administration and transformation but also the security (authentication/backup and software).

To be clearer, he will be in charge of answering the question “How does it work?”.

– Marketing Manager :

This person is taking charge of a lot of important things, he will influence the future of the company. He will need to knows how to target your customers and tell them why a particular product or service matters to them. He will be in charge of developing the marketing strategy for the company in line with the objectives, values and resources of your company.
But also planning, preparing and coordinating marketing campaigns on every platform, support of your tech brand. Create a range of different marketing tools you will use every day. And finally, search for potential partnership and take care of collaboration.

– Sales representative:

The commercial represents the health of your company; he is the one who is bringing the money, the one who represents physically the brand. He also has a lot of tasks to do so make sure you are hiring someone who can understand and share your objectives and values.

Finding new clients: prospecting is one of the essential aspects of the sales profession.
Build customer loyalty: the sales representative has a list of customers with whom he has already signed one or more contracts. Its purpose is to renew those contracts and follow the client during all his experience.
Selling his products: the itinerant sales representative presents his products to his customers, highlights new products, takes orders, draws up contracts and negotiates with customers.
Supporting customers in their purchasing process: the sales representative is first and foremost at the service of the customer.

– Communication manager:

If you want to be known, recognized and sell more easily by building your reputation you will need a communication manager. This person will be in charge of all your communication campaign (print, TV, radio …), your press relation, social media… You need to have someone who understands how to be creative with your tech brand to help you stand out on the market.

One of his duty is also to make sure that internally, employees are aware of changes and projects within the company. This way, everyone has the same info and go in the same direction.

Once you have created your team, make sure they are to ensure that their energies go well together and that they share the same corporate values.
Don’t forget to involve key people in every step of the business so that they feel like they are important for the success of your business.
Don’t forget that you are a strat-up so you will probably have to work more than companies that are already present on your market because you have to launch and settle in your market.

This is why you have to make sure that all your future employees/ key people understand the challenge they are facing. Explain to them that their hours will be long and the work will be challenging, but the payoff can be extremely gratifying. We hope we could answer the question “What are the key people you need for your tech business”!


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