Importance of diversity in advertisement and marketing teams

In the current digital landscape, advertising is not just about running an ad rather it’s about how your consumer relates his value to your product. It becomes more crucial when it can help you build your brand advocacy. An important aspect that can benefit your advertisement and marketing teams is diversity.

An influential aspect of diversity can enhance psychological attributes in your advertising. It facilitates the personality, values, and effectiveness of your message. From an organisation perspective, it can lend a hand to intensify creative ideas, better work culture, and company values.

The impact of diversity can help change the permanent mindset of the consumer resulting in better brand recognition. However, one should be mindful that efforts should be persistent to incite an attitude change in people.


Key questions you can ask yourself
  • How diverse is your marketing team?
  • How much are your campaigns aligned from a multicultural perspective?



Why diversity in marketing teams?

The technology industry is growing almost 3 times faster than the whole economy and is contributing around £200 billion a year to the economy. Diversity and inclusion contribute towards targeting new customers and increasing response rate with messages to which the audience can relate.

Analyse competitors.

Yes! Divert your attention and monitor closely the trends and companies, which economically advance diversity in their teams. Studies supported the fact that the more diverse their organisation is the more diverse the business. Nevertheless, as an organisation, you should also focus on developing D&I (Diverse and inclusion) strategy. In the past companies like Deloitte and Apple clearly depict their support to diversity.


Deloitte used the videoMany voices, one song” to deliver the power of unity their company culture supports and that’s how they deliver solutions to their clients. The video shows single voices from different gender, ages, races, ethnicity and later combines as one to be the voice of the company.

Whether it is solving a problem, making a prediction or coming up with creative ideas the diverse team tends to work better. Why? The team consists of a diverse range of values and experiences and facilitates creativity.

Ethnic benefit

Often marketing campaigns miss influencing the ethnic groups. The inclusion of ethnicity in marketing teams will add flexibility to comprehend the behaviour of ethnic minorities.

Age benefit

Having a mixture of age groups in a marketing team can benefit your organisation. Such as different sets of generations will be more likely to have different perspectives on important issues. For example, the older people in marketing teams have fixed opinions about an issue, whereas Gen Z is more open to the ideas as they haven’t experienced something like this in the past and can make the marketing campaign more creative by excluding cultural faux pas.

The takeaway is millennials, Gen X and Gen Z each group can contribute a different voice. If managed well, it can give your marketing team some creative edge over your competitors.

Improved hiring

Word spread when people get to know about the culture and inclusivity the company supports. Everyone wants to be a part of it. As seen in a survey conducted by Glassdoor shows almost 67 percent of job seekers consider a diverse workforce as an important factor.


Why diversity in advertisement really matters

Amplification in brand reputation – During a marketing campaign, the inclusion of diversity is not confined to generating some awareness only, OKAY! Initially, it can be but the lasting effect holds the power to leave an impression and do something more than just a product purchase.

Whenever a brand steps up to support diversity and inclusion it stands for something which can potentially impact a certain group. Furthermore, in the digital space with social media, it becomes nearly easy for the audience to reflect on the campaign. However, when done correctly the support from the audience is evident. At that point in time, it’s easy to comprehend the value of your brand from a customer’s perspective.


A great example is Airbnb “The acceptance ring” campaign. Acceptance and belonging are at the heart of Airbnb as they say. Their initiative to support marriage equality and LGBT.

Airbnb advertising message: The incomplete ring symbolizes the gap in marriage equality that we need to close. This initiative built brand advocacy for Airbnb and left the viewers with warm positive emotion.

The takeaway here is that it’s important to realise the minority groups also hold the power to spend.

Likewise, Admiral insurance welcomes the female character in their advertising campaign. Jon Elsom, group executive creative director, McCann Bristol, added “She’s a real part of the community.” It’s full of quirky Britishness with a handcrafted feel. We’ve created a bright, optimistic and colourful town the brand can inhabit for years to come.”

Therefore, as a brand first you need to formalise a brand messaging strategy before moving to marketing. Often companies miss this point.



For a different output in your marketing campaigns, a different approach is needed. That’s why diversity matters in the creative process. Audiences around the globe are diverse.Therefore in order to connect them with your advertising, you need to first form a brand personality and then gradually evolve from there.



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