Transform Your Tech into Simple Marketing Messages

It’s not about what you want, it’s about what your consumers value. One can try to sell hard but it doesn’t always work. Identically, as we all are aware of technological advancements happening around us and likewise, how tech companies are offering easy solutions that appeal to many consumers. However, one of the many aspects which have been overlooked by tech companies is how they are perceived by their consumers. Find out how to Transform Complicated Tech into Simple Marketing Messages.

They often use complex messaging to showcase how well they know the technical side of their business such as who they are, what they do, what they have to offer but by doing so they lead their consumers into a perplexing situation. In addition, things go wrong when they incorporate the same methodology as a tone for their marketing initiatives.

Why don’t marketing messages work?

For instance, if a tech company is able to attract traffic on their website but the conversion rate is low. It could mean the visitors are unable to connect with the messaging or they are confused about what you are trying to sell.

Therefore, it is imperative for tech companies to talk like humans. Well, if you want to attract and engage with your key consumers then you should. Likewise, we recommend tech companies should align their brand identity before marketing.


Cut it short

A good marketing message always cut to the chase and delivers the true value of your tech product

Weak marketing message: “To thrive in a competitive business world every company needs this software, our coding can help you reach more customers”

Good marketing message: “We bring companies and customers together.”

It’s crucial for a reader to get a clear picture of what your tech product is and what value they can get out of it. Your marketing message is about showcasing the most significant benefits you will offer and mainly how it solves the buyer’s life.

For salesforce, it has become one of the leading brands that provide CRM software to cloud computing.

Successful tech brands don’t want people to get smart instead they communicate what their consumers understand. The Salesforce marketing message included common people with a brand’s cartoon mascot, which delivers a 360-degree experience view that covers a great experience and builds trust. Analysing their website their brand messaging is human friendly. One can conclude what their product is.


Salesforce Website Messaging: We help small and medium businesses to increase sales, reach more customers, and improve service.

We, humans, understand emotions, your branding message should include the values with which your customers can relate. Like for salesforce trust, innovation, customer success, equality matters and likewise their messaging reflects it.

To shine in your consumer’s eyes your brand messaging strategy needs to have a personal impact. It should stimulate a sense of credibility and touch the pain points of your audience. Consumers should feel Ah! These products get me.


Take the customer’s viewpoint

Weak marketing message: “Our designing team designed the product to give you better usability and flexibility.”

Good marketing message: “It takes 10 minutes, tops, to learn our product.”

A fantastic example is Cleo. Cleo is an AI money manager, its brand messaging reflects the customer viewpoint as we all want to have control over our money. Therefore, they used a smart message to connect with their audience.

Cleo product marketing message: Cleo followed and gave a friendly human approach where with a chatbot their customers can talk in a humanise manner and feel connected.

User profile: People who want to control their finances and save money effortlessly

Their focus is to connect with their audience and make them feel empowered enough that they can be their own boss when it comes to saving and planning a budget.

Their brand messaging is:

  • Fun but not silly
  • Aggressive but not hurting
  • Confident but not cocky
  • Smart but not pompous
  • Informal but not sloppy
  • Helpful but not dominating
  • Expert but not oppressive

All their brand adjectives connect back to their brand image and likewise to brand strategy.

Cleo makes you smile. Let’s take a look at a weak and good funny marketing message.

Weak marketing message: “Our system achieves the highest quality industry standards.”

Good marketing message: “We did brain surgery to make this product easy to use”

Add some humour to your messaging style and you are all set to go.


B2B marketing messaging: Unmute the impact

In the same light, for B2B marketing initiatives companies often use vague marketing messages. What does your client need? They want to know why it’s smart to buy your product or services.

Therefore, simplify things as much as you can. Use full sentences. Simplify your wordings. Try to convey one idea per sentence.

Fundamentals of your B2B messaging should be:

  1. It should convey who the solution is built for.
  2. Your B2B marketing message should be written in the voice of the buyer i.e. should get your clients technical context right.
  3. Should relate to your brand strategy
  4. Good grammar and firm sentence formation
  5. Avoid vague language, speculative boasts, unreliable buzz words. Rather, back up your claims.

Quick wrap up

Whatever you determine your brand voice should look like, always strive for consistency and try to align it with your brand strategy. It’s really crucial, as your clients/customers will perceive you, as you reflect yourself in your messaging style. Therefore to formalise a brand positioning strategy is inevitable for your brand success. You can transform Complicated Tech into Simple Marketing Messages.



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