How to stay relevant and trusted as a tech brand

Technology companies can be a good partner for businesses, however, the least is viewed as one. Most companies do not trust tech brands and see them more as a necessity to keep up with the competition. According to PwC, the biggest concern of companies is data. 85% of global businesses wish, there were more companies they could trust their data to. Take a look at how to stay relevant and trusted as a tech brand.


Consumers feeling protected is the key

Declaring privacy and security as a core value is a way consumers can feel connected. As in many relationships, communication is the key, so every measurement taken to back up the core value or any doubts from the consumer’s side should be communicated to build trust. By telling them what you do with their data and giving them options on how you can use the data they provide you, you are making sure consumers are feeling respected. Transparency is very important to build that connection and trust needed. If you are a multinational company, it is important to be aware of different regulations in different countries.


Integrating security and privacy into design shows off the commitment to the core value.



  • Data use assessment
  • Data minimisation
  • Anonymisation of data



  • Encryption access controls
  • Sensitive data monitoring
  • Third-party risk management


Behind every brand is a personality

Even if your brand is a tech brand, a personality is behind it. Consumers usually try to match faces or feelings with brands. For example, Coca-Cola is not only selling cold drinks, they are actually selling happiness. Emotions play a big role in brand building and every brand should build an emotional connection with consumers. Company culture has its fair share in this as well. If you reflect your brand values in your company culture people may find it easier to trust you. Looking at an example on the other side of the spectrum are governments. People usually view government workers as emotionless, stiff people and do not really trust them, as there is no emotional connection involved.


How do you want to come across?

How do you want to be seen? These questions are important to build the brand.

Hereby we have external and internal manifestations.


External manifestation

  • Identity: What do you look like?
  • Personality: What are you like to deal with?
  • The tone of voice: How do you come across? Storytelling
  • Media: How do you communicate?


Internal manifestation

  • What is your company culture?
  • What values guide how you behave?


Brand attributes need to be identified beforehand because this is the way you post on social media, interact with customers or potential ones. People need to have a clear picture of your company in their head.

According to Escalet brand messaging alone is not enough also authenticity and focus on trust are helpful. Even though tech brands suffered from a loss of trust in the past, they can be rebuilt! Due to the current pandemic, consumers notice the value of companies who care for the social good. Saying “I am trustworthy” is not enough. Consumers want proof that you actually are.  How to stay relevant and trusted as a tech brand is your responsibility.


Here is a list of tech companies and what they have done

Amazon: Satisfying consumers needs by delivering their wants while keeping employees safe.

Google: Keeping employees safe by letting them work remotely and making use of their own products. Also, the partnership with Apple to work on an effective contact tracking app.

Netflix: Creating consistent content to help consumers escape and destress. 25% of Netflix’s budget flows towards creating and providing this engaging content.

Zoom: Helps families and friends to connect safely and protects personal information. It is also helping with new ways to conduct business.

Samsung: Using their technology to deliver a positive message to help keep families and friends in touch and remote workers connected.

Microsoft: Provides productivity tools to help everyone be safe. Helps to stay productive no matter where people work.

Facebook: Started to prove to consumers that Facebook can be useful for society. Also, it can be trusted to keep people connected and personal data safe.


Keep your partners close, but your competitors closer

Being up-to-date will keep you relevant in the industry. Analysing what competing brands are doing and how they are positioning themselves in the market will never be a bad idea to start proactive campaigns for your company. They say a smart person learns from mistakes but a genius learns from the mistakes of others. By seeing where your competitors might have gone wrong you will learn. Innovations will be created. The most successful brands are the most relevant ones. Nike and Apple for example. They stay relevant not because they keep on doing the same things but because they are innovative. How many times have you counted the word “innovation” while Steve Jobs was introducing their new product? Let me tell you: A LOT.  They keep evolving by watching the market very carefully. They calculate the next step of their competitors to be one step ahead.


But competitors are not the only ones who are relevant for your innovation. Think about your consumers. At the end of the day, they are the ones who will buy your product or service and use it. Talk to your customers. You might be the best at what you are doing now but you should never assume. Assumptions can be wrong. Knowledge will never leave you behind. Do not think for them. Think with them. Schedule meetings with your customers to really understand their feelings and get their feedback. Only with feedback, you can learn to grow. If you can not speak to them, text them. There are a lot of public forums on social media. You can use it to your advantage by communicating with consumers via the internet. The information you will receive is priceless. It is a treasure for your company to evolve.


In a nutshell

How to stay relevant and trusted as a tech brand is in your hands. You need to respect your consumers by respecting their decision of how to use their data. When consumers feel respected, trust follows. To trigger this trust you have to build a connection on another level which is emotional. Your brand DNA is what defines your brand and what consumers have a connection with. The personality of the brand is the image consumers have on their mind. Be consistent with your brand. Having a different style on different platforms will only confuse your customers. Brand relevance comes down to trust. When your brand is relevant, consumers will trust you which again will trigger loyalty. To be relevant you need to be a master in your industry. Who are your opponents, who are you marketing your product or service to? Knowledge is the key. Understand your customers but do not assume. Assumptions can be true but they do not represent your customer base. Talk to them. You have a lot of options on how to stay relevant and trusted as a tech brand.


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