How to get your tech business in the press without having to spend a penny on PR

Some say PR is dead. Personally, I don’t think so. We have been featured in many media with and without the help of a PR agency. How did we manage to get our tech business in the press?


First of all, let’s keep it real

The biggest mistake businesses make when hiring a PR agency is starting with the wrong expectation. I know as I made it too. Don’t hire a PR agency to generate leads and it’s not what PR is for. If your budget is small, focus on sales and marketing. PR main goal is to get your brand noticed, raise your brand credibility and facilitate the conversion from prospects to clients. This doesn’t necessarily mean your phone will start ringing with tonnes of inquiries. But when this also happens, it’s a great bonus. PR opens doors to more PR opportunities such as public speaking, which I do regularly. Check out our upcoming events.

Do you know who finds interest in what you do through your tech company?

Blasting press releases to a list of journalists won’t get you noticed. So do your research.

  • Pick a couple of media where you would like your business to appear. Find 10-15 journalists and influencers you believe would be interested in writing about you.
  • Use Twitter. It is a great tool to connect with all the journalists and influencers in your industry. Follow them and engage by asking them what they like to write about even if it is obvious. 80% of the time, they will respond.


It’s all about your tech brand story

Journalists only care about a great brand story, not your business. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do you do what you do?
  • How does your company impact others?
  • Who works with you? What’s your company culture?
  • Is your company approach different from your competitors? If yes, what is the positive impact?
  • Can your company story inspire others?
  • Is your business innovative or original to what is available in the market?
  • Do you go beyond your product and service offering to support your clients?

By answering those questions you will be able to write a great brand story that journalists would want to write about. So get started! You will get better.


We created their brand: the articulation of their brand story, the personal brand of the founder and their unique value proposition, so much more.


They got featured in a press in less than 6 months of running their business!


Our client Jennifer Ison featured in the press after launching her British fashion brand.

tech business in the press

Our client Cecile Watson owner of ShredWIZ, featured on the cover page of the Observer magazine.

Read more about our clients here.

Article was written by Flavilla Fongang