How to effectively communicate the brand value of your tech business towards your target audience

The subject of brand value is an endlessly discussed subject and an enormously important theme amongst businesses, marketers, entrepreneurs and startups. These values should be shown through words and actions to build a community. In this article, we will answer the question “how can I share my brand value effectively with my target audience?”

Do you really know your target audience?

It’s essential to identify your target audience for the success of your business but also to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing. When you concentrate on clients that are interested in your business, it could facilitate more consistency in your messaging and allows you to deepen your connection with them. In addition, to identify your target audience, you need to understand them. For that, the best way is to interact with them and to learn their lifestyle, their needs and their preferences. You can also use analysis platform such as Google Analytics to understand the behaviour of your clients and business website visitors. When you gather all these information, you can create a persona, which is a fictional character who looks like a typical member of your target audience.

Are you sharing valuable content on your website?

The key to a successful website is to catch customer attention in delivering the right message with power and conviction. For that, the content of your website is important. It needs to be very clear, bring valuable information and include an effective call to actions. With useful content, it’s easier for people to refer you and you pick up more clients through word of mouth. Specifically for small companies, website content can promote ideas, discussion and interest in your activity or in your blog. It’s also useful because this content can answer questions from readers. In general, content help to target your audience, grow website conversions and sales, drive traffic to your website, increase the level of engagement of visitors and persuade them to take action. In a second phase, design, visuals and videos help to improve the visitor experience.

“Over 80% of buyers are looking to the web to evaluate you as a potential provider. Whether sellers are consciously shaping their online presence or not, buyers are looking there for information.”
Hinge Marketing research 2014

Are you sharing in the right social media platform?

Facebook is one of the famous social media in the world, with more than 2 billion users. It can be used to connect with several target audiences, nurture clients, share some videos, use the chat and share key updates.

Twitter is known for its brevity thanks to the 280-character tweet limit. The use of Twitter is more suitable to interact directly and quickly with clients. Indeed, it’s an asset for customer service. In addition, it delivers news and company updates.

YouTube is a real tool for sharing video content while enjoying the popularity of online videos.

Instagram is based on the aesthetic appeal of the content you share. This social media helps to create your brand with strong visuals and articulate the story of your brand to clients.

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