How to build and scale up a company by obtaining reliable and predictable sales?

This is a content teaser for the upcoming B.I.G. Workshop. Lance Walker from Ministry of Innovation Ltd. is one of our experts. The B.I.G Workshop, London’s first-of-its-kind, interactive tech workshop for tech startups looking to elevate their brand and improve the industry.

Lance is the founder and managing director at Ministry of Innovation Ltd. The Ministry of Innovation grows SMEs through increasing sales via their outsourced sales and marketing services. With 40 years of experience in General Management, Business Consulting, Business Development and Access to Finance and a background in IT and Financial Services. Lance has a proven track record of turning companies around, building and scaling them up. He has sold, undertaken and managed business in the UK, across Europe and South Africa and opened up new markets to great avail.

Scaling up a small business with erratic workflows and making it into a successful and growing business is the holy grail for many businesses. So how do you obtain consistent and predictable orders every month and what are the keys to successful and growing sales?

The keys to successful business growth are 3 fold: the right message, the right target and the right lead generation systems.

Targeting the right businesses to receive your messages is essential. Poor targeting leads to poor lead generation.

Not having the right compelling message is fatal for lead generation. You can try as hard as you like but if your message is not clear and captivating it will fall on deaf ears and again, your lead generation money and efforts will be wasted.

Finally, leads are not generated using a scatter gun approach and trying to network anywhere and everywhere. Yet many, many SMEs persistently try this approach. They use up huge amounts of time, energy and money endlessly networking, but to no good effect…

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