‘How can you make sure your businesses SEO stands out in a competitive market?’

This is a content teaser for the upcoming B.I.G. Workshop. Clwyd Probert from Whitehat SEO is one of our experts. The B.I.G Workshop, London’s first-of-its-kind, interactive tech workshop for tech startups looking to elevate their brand and improve the industry.

Clwyd has been involved with starting, growing and selling multiple successful businesses both in the UK and the USA. He is the entrepreneur business owners turn to for strategic planning & business growth through his unique and innovative sales and marketing campaigns.

He brings a multi-disciplinary background from the world of science & technology, sales & marketing and global professional services knowledge which has been gained in different industries and multiple countries. Most recently in London and prior to that in New York.

In today’s market, it is easy to start a new business. The big problem is that it is so easy that everyone is doing it. Competition is fierce and everyone has been told that ‘content is King’ so people write blogs. Too much mediocre content is being published and 95% of all content that gets published on the internet never gets returned by a Google search.

‘Content is King’

To understand how to address this, it is necessary to understand how Google works. There are two elements involved. Firstly, the content that is being created (and the website that it sits on). This is on-site SEO and secondly the reference links pointing back to that content from other websites. This is off-site SEO or ‘link building’. Many people focus on just the first part and ignore the second.

On-Site SEO is important. It provides the information that Google works with to determine the meaning of your page and the relevance of that page within the context of the rest of your website. The site needs to be seen as an authority on a particular topic. It needs to have content that is well written, researched, illustrated and with authority references to back up any facts. It should answer the questions that are asked by the businesses ideal client their ‘ideal buyer persona’.

Off-site SEO is also important. High-quality content is not enough. A website will never rank in Google for competitive terms if no other website links back to it. This is known as site authority or domain authority. If you count each link back to the site as a vote then the more votes that you can get the better. But all votes are not equal. Votes from higher-quality sites in the same industry will count more than low-quality links from irrelevant content…

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