How can you improve your fintech brand identity?

The internet revolution has completely transformed the way in which we function in the world, with an increase in the accessibility of knowledge coupled with a lack of time; our visual perception of the world is what we use to form our opinions. Subsequently, consumers recognise companies through the brand’s visual identity; forming opinions before they know about who it is or what they do. Therefore logos are not purely aesthetic; they are the most fundamental way in which a brand communicates with the consumers.  Below are four points I believe are essential in forming and maintaining your brand identity.


A great brand stands for something, making logos and symbols the quickest form of expression from the brand to the consumer. The repetitive use of these symbols creates consistency in the visual identity of your brand, making it easier for consumers to recognise and remember you.

Symbols engage intelligence, imagination, emotion, in a way that no other learning does.

For example, the Nike logo was designed in 1971; based on the Greek goddess of victory – Nike, which is perfect for a company that markets sportswear and encourages consumers to ‘Just do it’. So when creating the symbol for your company makes sure that it corresponds to the products and services of your business, to add to this, ensure that the symbol clearly expresses the core values of your brand, so that consumers are able to recognize and remember you immediately.


Brands are constantly competing with each other for the attention of consumers, therefore it is not enough to ‘be’ different, you have to be able to communicate the way you are different from competing brands to the consumer. Thus, the consumers are able to recognise and understand this difference, that way they are more likely to choose your brand over competing brands within the same business category.  For example, Apple products are geared toward young, creatives whereas PCs are focused on the general public.

Permanence and Strategy

A brand’s logo provides a guarantee for consumers in regards to the quality, type of service or product that a company provides. Therefore, your company needs to commit to a central idea to withstand change and time, in order to remain recognisable to consumers. To add to this, ensure that you place your brand identity in a position that enables change and progression in the future and supports an evolving marketing scheme.


Consistency builds trust and loyalty within consumers, therefore your brand should be easily differentiated through the selection of colours, typography and imagery. Furthermore, your brand should have a style guide with instructions of how to use these elements strategically, in order to further the visual identity of your brand and continue participating in the visual language with consumers.

Final points

Your aim should be to form an emotional connection with consumers so that they are able to easily recall your brand and choose it over other competing brands. To do this, you have to clearly define your brand and express this visually, although this seems like a small component of your business, it is one of the most important because it is the first form of communication between you and the consumer.

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