How can branding improve your fintech ROI?

Nowadays, customers and businesses rely on the Internet to find services and products they need. The first thing we do is to check out their website, social media presence and review platforms to form an opinion about a company before purchasing. It is the same for every business.

Opinions are often influenced by various factors such as search engine results, website design & content, social media presence, reviews and listings. The brand reputation of a restaurant will rely on the quality of the food and the service delivered by the staff. You can influence positively the perception of your brand by delivering more than expected.

Your Strategy

A brand concept development should include a bespoke marketing & PR strategy. Create a unique brand concept that will set your business apart from the competition and most importantly attract your desired target market. This phase is crucial to ensure your business stands out and becomes a key influencer. Always monitor and control your online business presence.

Your Visual Identity

In the modern world, your brand presentation is your shop front. It will either entice or repel customers. Ensure your brand vision is effectively

reproduced online and hard copy designs.  You should look into branding:

  • To create – For new businesses aiming to build a good and reliable brand.
  • To upkeep – For existing businesses aiming to maintain their brand perception.
  • For recovery – For existing brands aiming to improve their brand perception after bad reviews or losing clients.

Your Online Brand Presence

When starting a new business or managing your brand, you should not neglect your online presence. Always address negative mentions or reviews. Here are five ways you can build an online brand:

  • Blogging: Regularly update content with blog posts to showcase your expertise, updates on your company, etc. Once a week should be a minimum and more if you can. Your content should always contain your keywords.
  • Directories: Just like the telephone directories, users can search online directories for company information. When your website is listed, it drives traffic.
  • Reviews: Reviews are important. Did you know that 92% of users read Internet reviews? 88% of users will trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends and relatives. Encourage customers to review your company and services on numerous online review platforms. Even asking partners to write reviews about your company can go a long way in improving your online presence.


To establish your brand, you have to work on getting your brand message out there. You can do that by writing articles for other blogs, invest in online advertising and promoting your company as often as you can. Of course, it is important to stand out from the rest, but it is equally important to not be forgotten.

Social Media

Some people start their research on social media. If you have an active profile on major social media platforms, you are more likely to be found and be remembered positively. Here too, it requires consistency and dedication. This means posting daily updates with information about your brand, articles, pictures which would be of interest to your target audience. Be patient. Many experts would agree that it takes up to three months to see any results, and perhaps years to establish a great brand.

The work does not end after establishing your brand. You now have to work harder to maintain it right, which is equally as hard. As you continue to develop your brand, make sure to stay consistent with your hard work, pay close attention to the response your get from your target audience, and lastly always leave room for improvement.

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