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Helping you build your brand value, credibility and awareness to scale

3 Colours Rule is a London award-winning Fintech Marketing Agency offering branding and marketing solutions for fintech companies.

We embarked on a journey of passion with clients around the world who trust us with their brands. We are tenacious, honest and fun to be around. Thanks to the effective service delivery process we have developed and mastered over the years, we always deliver our work on time and to the level of your expectation. On top of that, we use our network to drive new business opportunities for our clients.

Helping you achieve the success your Fintech company deserves with our Fintech Marketing Agency skills

3 Colours Rule is a branding and marketing agency that helps FinTech companies develop their brand. Our creative and result-driven team delivers complex projects smoothly and effectively because of our adaptive knowledge, expertise and capabilities. With your best interest at heart, we work alongside you to understand your uniqueness and vision.

As a result, we are able to develop an effective brand strategy, brand articulation and design that is true to your business. You are guaranteed to work with a great team, with a track record of working successfully with companies like yours. Our branding agency is for FinTech companies looking for straightforward support.

Brands who chose us as their trusted Fintech Marketing agency

Does this feel familiar?

  • Do you feel like your FinTech brand is missing a compelling brand message to attract the right stakeholders?
  • Do you struggle to simplify the complexity of your FinTech expertise into an attractive value proposition?
  • Do you struggle to understand how to scale your FinTech brand?

Could you imagine if...

  • Your FinTech brand could give your stakeholders the reassurance they needed to choose your brand?
  • You could attract skilled, driven and talented individuals across the board, to effectively grow your FinTech business?
  • You successfully achieved your business vision?

Take your FinTech brand to the next level with our FinTech Marketing Agency


Brand discovery workshop

We run through a series of questions to understand everything about your brand, your vision,  your business goals, and your market.


Brand Audit

Now that we know you and your brand, our team conducts in-depth research into the competitive landscape. We evaluate and refine (with directives), your brand strategy, brand identity and marketing activities.


Success Roadmap

After completion of your brand audit, we draft your bespoke D.A.C. roadmap to success. This covers all elements relevant to your brand, such as brand positioning, communication, value proposition, brand design identity, PR, personal branding and lead generation action plan.


Actions -
Time to grow

Now that the plan is set, it is time to activate. Of course, you’re not alone – you have a dedicated team of experts supporting the success of your brand, monitoring and guiding along the way.

Free your time by letting us look after your brand, while you focus on growing your FinTech business.

Our clients have valued our ability to help them build a brand that truly represents them, so they can easily achieve their goals. We know how to decode the complexity of tech companies’ expertise into a language that is clear, unique, and appealing.

What our clients say about us