Effective technology operations that increase the margin

The world is becoming more tech-driven. Technology operations can affect your margin.

Flavilla is joined by the awesome Paul Tynan, Co-Founder of E2Tech. They are discussing effective technology operations that improve the margin for your tech business.

Briefly, tell us how your journey took where you are right now

With a career working in global financial services for over 25 years, I wanted to take that knowledge and expertise and help other organisations to improve how they run and manage their technology environment. I had worked with Keith before and as he had a similar background and shared my passion to liberate IT teams from the production nightmares, they face day in day out (we have both been in that boat!). We decided to form E2Tech and set out on a mission to help IT-teams.


What was your aha moment which led you to create your business?

Many organizations, particularly larger ones, are operating with a blend of modern digital technologies running alongside a patchwork of archaic systems developed over many years/decades.

The poorly-integrated systems which hold valuable data make it challenging for organisations to make informed decisions and in addition to leverage that data to make improvements. Working within a complex environment like this makes it very challenging to run your IT operations in a stable, low-cost and transparent way.

For us, it was clear there was no real commitment or focus on addressing the operational elements of technology. Understandably there was lots of focus on the promise of the shiny new digital and mobile technology, but from our perspective, you cannot have one without the other. A stable foundation is critical to continuously innovate. Many IT teams spend most of their days firefighting old issues instead of focusing on creating new value. We want to change this, that’s why we created E2Tech.


Why is your business relevant to the issues you have identified?

Our solutions and services focus on addressing three core challenge most IT organisations are currently facing: complexity, stability and cost. We have made it our mission to help IT organisations control and navigate an increasingly complex landscape. Also, we wanted to help them to put the right frameworks in place to minimise downtime (so their business stakeholders can build confidence in their ability to deliver reliable solutions) and finally open the door to new cost efficiencies through automation and the integration of modern cloud-native solutions.


What has been your biggest lesson learnt in growing E2Tech?

You have to be prepared to step outside your comfort zone and back yourself with what you know.

It is necessary to stick to your values and to be prepared to walk away.

You can’t do everything. Build up strong partnerships with other companies who share the same values and passions as you do. Through this, you can offer customers a richer experience.

Tell us about your customer acquisition systems

So far, we have focused on helping organisations we already have a strong relationship with. The reason to do this is to build credibility and momentum and to mature and improve our offering. We have recently relaunched our website with a fresh new look and feel that better reflects the value we can bring customers. Going forward we hope to ramp up our marketing efforts to reach new customers who could benefit from our help/expertise. We have focused to date on the financial services sector. However, our offering is designed to be industry agnostic as most IT organisations regardless of the sector are grappling with the same issues.


What do you wish more people knew?

That it’s worth spending the time putting strong foundations in place for innovation to thrive. Cutting corners or overlooking the operational elements of IT will bring you a lot of unnecessary headaches in the future and will hinder you from doing what you want to do. It’s critical to get the right frameworks and approaches in place before focusing time and money on innovation. Large organisations are still spending a significant % of their budgets safeguarding spaghetti-like legacy systems making it impossible to deliver the right business outcomes.

How should people remember you?

We want to combine our technology and operational experience to bring about some really important changes in how organizations view and manage their IT operations. Our desire is, to turn it from being an afterthought to a central part of an organizations transformation strategy. For us, this is not for short term return. Enduring quality and value is something we want to deliver to teams to work in new and better ways. We want to liberate them from the daily drudgery that is holding back progress and innovation.



About the speaker

Paul is a Senior technologist with over 30 years of experience in both operational and strategic positions in multinational organisations. Moreover, he has significant experience in Technology Operations, strategy formulation and implementation as well as the management of large operational teams.

He is adept at reviewing and defining operating models to optimise efficiency and effectiveness. Paul makes sure to use technology to meet the required business outcomes and has extensive experience in outsourcing and offshoring.

He is a true specialist when it comes to effective technology operations to increase the margin of businesses.


About E2Tech

E2Tech helps companies to take control of IT Operations. They help them focus on delivering stable, scalable and robust solutions.

They use deep experience and expertise to help businesses transform how they approach and manage IT Operations. Achieving greater stability at a significantly lower price.

From Strategic Crisis Management to Operating Models, E2Tech works in partnership with you to assess and improve the current IT landscape. They help you by putting your business on the right track to achieve the best outcomes.


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