Does your website engage and attract new clients?

Your website is the front window of your entire company. First impression matters as you get no second chance. If your website bounce rate is above 25%, this means you are projecting the brand attraction your prospects are looking for. Most companies do not get their website statistics and lose potential prospects every day. Your website should be a reflection of the quality your clients will receive. It should be engaging and aligned with your branding.

Ensure that your website is:

search engine optimised (SEO) through the use of keywords, title tags, image alt text and metadata, which will improve how your site appears in the search engines.
in adherence to conversion rate optimisation (CRO), which is a system that will increase the percentage of visitors to your website that converts into customers.

How to step by step create your tech brand story

Why using a brand story and how?
A brand story is a way to communicate with the world, differentiate yourself from your competition, and create a brand experience that encourages people to engage with you. In fact, storytelling is a strong business skill and when it’s well implemented, it can boost a tech company business in a number of ways. Improving customer loyalty, creating a strong marketing strategy, increasing profit and so on.

A brand story is an easy way to create an emotional link between the brand and the consumers. In part because it is easier for them to understand the values of your brand and how they can relate to theirs. And on the other hand, because it is more interesting for them to watch or listen to a story rather than a simple advertising message.

1. Start by thinking like your customers
The better way to communicate well with someone is by beginning by thinking like him. In the tech business, it’s the same. You have to make the effort to think like your target. Try to put yourself in their shoes when they arrive in front of your brand. What’s he thinking about you? What would make them want to engage with you and not a concurrent? How can he feel concerned about your message?

2. Simplified the very essence of your message
To create a good message to share with the public you need to be sure what is the essence of your message. This way you can’t lose the consumer with a story that doesn’t have any link with your base message. This message needs to be clear and understandable by everyone in your target audience, even if it’s a very large audience.

You need to have the clearest messages for a simple and easy understanding for each of your consumers. Your customers do not necessarily have all the information about your products but they should not have to make an effort to understand your campaign.

3. Create Emotion in the Consumers Mind
The goal of a story is to give emotion, so the message will be understood and integrated into the consumer’s mind. You want him to think like you and act in a good way with your tech brand. You need to give them a reason to care, a reason to buy, and a reason to stay. People don’t buy from making logical, rational buying decisions. They make emotional decisions and then justify those decisions by rationalizing them with facts.

4. Put your customer in the centre of your story
Telling a story around the “life” of your consumer and the relation you have with them will, even more, involve them in it. They will feel concerned about your brand and its history. The brand story shall put them as the hero of it this way they will consider themselves as useful for you. To achieve this goal you have to select specific elements that elicit the strongest emotional response, some words, sentences, anecdotes…

After you have done all those steps, you will have a strong story that will inspire your consumers.

“Storytelling is about taking someone on a journey with you” – Robert Fogarty

Now you need to share this story, discover with us how to share your tech brand story, where to share it, and how we can use it for your tech company business development.

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