Does your logo need to be updated or redesigned?

Every business should refresh and change its logo every 5-10 years to remain accurate in the market in they operate. If your brand logo looks outdated, it implies your brand hasn’t evolved to remain competitive. Therefore you are not perceived as a key leader. Most businesses started with limited capital, and little to no money was spent on the logo design. Now that your business has grown and your brand value is more established, it needs to reflect your brand vision. It reflects where your business is headed not where you are at the present. Therefore, you will need to update your logo to project the optimal brand credibility to attract more business.

This may be the moment for you to think about having a well-thought and professional logo that fits with your higher standards. Where to start? Look at the brands of the competitors leading your market. Although they might not always be exempted from any imperfection, they might help you to find ideas and what you like or not.

A logo is personal, it represents the identity of your brand, so you should always find a way to make your logo unique, although not bizarre compared to what already exists.

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