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Since 2008, 3 Colours Rule’s passion is to grow tech companies by improving their brand value, positioning, credibility, and awareness. We embark on a journey of passion with you. Our branding and marketing agency, specialising in technology, help you develop a brand that truly represents who you are so your dreams can be the foundation of a brighter future for all. Believing in your vision is key, so let’s unlock opportunities together.

Simply put, our award-winning Creative London branding agency will free up your time so you can focus on doing what you do best, and continue to attract your ideal clients, talent and investors.


Building your brand value, credibility, awareness and loyalty

We work with game-changers. The ones who challenge the status quo to move the world forward. Through our expertise in consumer purchasing behaviour (neurobranding, neurodesign and neuromarketing), we have been able to develop loved brands that connect to the heart and mind of people. Thanks to an effective service delivery process mastered by our creative agency over the years, we always aim to deliver our work on time and to meet your expectations. We are here to help you grow and support your aspirations.

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Decoding Consumer Drivers:

The world is disrupted and consumer behaviours are continuously evolving. Discover what are the key consumer drivers that you need to know in the tech industry, to make your next strategic moves and scale your London brand.

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How to choose the right brand colours for a successful rebranding…

Some reviews of our London Branding Agency:

Flavilla was a fabulous help when I was setting up my new petite womenswear brand Jennifer Anne. Her enthusiasm and support was invaluable and the design team at 3 Colours Rule came up with a really elegant and distinctive logo that was just perfect for my brand. I recommend the whole team very highly.

Jennifer Ison

3 Colours Rule has trusted me and given me the opportunity to be able to work abroad. Flavilla and her team are friendly and professional. It is an amazing agency that really wants the best for their clients. Flavilla understands what a business needs to be able to grow and thrive.


I have worked with 3 Colours Rule for a number of years. They are very efficient and totally committed to producing high quality results. Their founder, Flavilla Fongang is tenacious, passionate and they genuinely care about their clients. They create work of a high standard and I have no issue in recommending them.

Hadds Folivi