Building an exponential organisation

To succeed you need to know the ingredients needed to create an exponential organisation, as well as understanding exponential thinking. Dive in to learn about building an exponential organisation!


Flavilla is joined by the outstanding Chandresh Pala, Founder of Cohezia.


Briefly, tell us how your journey took where you are right now

After graduating I joined a large IT Consultancy working on a wide range of client projects and applications such as Oil Refinery Management Systems, MIS and AI-based Pricing. After that, I became an independent consultant and worked with a variety of sectors including Energy Trading, Marketing, Mobile applications, with clients including British Gas, Centrica, BP, Tesco, Richer Sounds, United Distillers.

I started Cohezia Digital because I saw a need in the market for a single company to combine the strategic strengths of a consultancy, technical skills of a software house and the creative skills of a design agency to provide a new ‘cohesive’ service. Over a number of years, we have helped organisations to redesign their businesses to take advantage of technology and achieve digital transformations. In many cases helping them to scale their business and then leading them to achieve successful exits.

As a design junkie, I also wanted to be involved in design-led ventures. It resulted in setting up a design gallery, co-founding a digital artist community and a hybrid creative consultancy.

In my current role as founder of Cohezia Venture Studio, we empower people to create profitable, purpose-driven global businesses.



What was your ‘aha’ moment which led you to create your business?

Like many entrepreneurs, I have (too) many ideas and interests but realised that I needed to focus on ONE thing. When I thought deeply about it, my solution was to set up a business that created and supported new businesses!

As a social entrepreneur I also wanted to create a positive impact but do it in a highly scalable and sustainable way. I’m incredibly excited by the potential of harnessing Exponential Technology and scalable social entrepreneurship to create a world of abundance for all.


Why is your business relevant to the issues you have identified?

Now more than ever, it is important for us to consider what impact our businesses, products and lifestyles are having on other people and the planet.  In the future, the businesses that succeed will be the ones that incorporate Profit, People, Planet and Purpose.

I truly believe that entrepreneurs will be the drivers of global change. By combining highly scalable ventures utilising exponential technologies with support eco-systems that provide inspiration, mentoring and funding, we will be able to create impact at scale – what I call ‘Transformational Entrepreneurship’.


What has been your biggest lesson learnt from growing your business?

The timing makes a difference. For example, the best products can still fail if they are too early or too late in the market cycle.

Speed and execution will beat strategy – however, strategy and speed of execution, is even better.

Be agile and always keep adjusting. Change is always happening and getting faster. That’s why businesses need to be nimble and highly adaptable.


Tell me about your customer acquisition systems?

Each of our ventures has different types of clients and therefore systems that are appropriate to their target client avatars.


What do you wish more people knew?

It is possible to be both profitable and positive purpose-driven.

To change our mindset to abundant thinking. We already have all the resources that the world needs. There is so much potential talent in the world, but we need to provide ‘equality of opportunity’ to them – then we will truly achieve great things.

That there isn’t a single path for becoming a successful entrepreneur. Choose the path which aligns really well with your purpose, passion, profile and natural expertise.


Thinking about your legacy, how do you want to be remembered?

As someone that made the world a better place by helping entrepreneurs to sustainably scale social impact on a global level, doing it with integrity and compassion.


About the speaker

Chandresh is an Entrepreneur, Mentor and Digital Transformation Strategist. He passionately believes in empowering people to create profitably, purpose-driven, global businesses. He is the founder of Cohezia.

As The Fusion Entrepreneur, he brings together a very diverse and unusual range of methodologies, disciplines and innovative strategies (science and spirituality, purpose and profit, creativity and structure).

Chandresh has over 20 years of experience that has included working with leading consultancies and corporate clients including UBM, British Gas, Reed, BP, Tesco, National Power; through to launching multiple businesses in the Technology and Creative sectors, as well as helping founders of existing companies to grow and achieve successful exits.

He is an advisor, speaker, and mentor for various entrepreneurial organisations and an advisory board member and Non-Exec Director for a number of businesses in the media, financial services, health/wellness, and events sectors.

Chandresh lives in London, UK. He is interested in design, psychology and Kung Fu (in which he holds a black belt).


About Cohezia

Cohezia is a UK-based Venture Studio. They work with entrepreneurs and clients around the world in both established and emerging markets. They specialised in creating innovative, scalable ventures based on exponential digital technologies.

The goal is to create a significant positive impact and abundance through Transformational Entrepreneurship.