Our London Brand Strategy Agency will help you transform your business, understand your customers and grow your revenue by developing a brand strategy that can be executed with confidence every time.

You know your business better than anyone else.
But to build your brand in the marketplace, you need a powerful strategy.

A brand strategy is an important starting point for any business or organisation. It is the ‘blueprint’ for the direction you wish your brand to take and informs everything from product positioning to design, advertising and sales & marketing. It is also a key factor in attracting investment.

Businesses are constantly forced to adapt in order to survive, but it’s a lot more than just adding more features or raising prices. It requires a full evaluation of your product or brand, and an understanding of the consumer market and culture. Brand strategy helps you understand what your customer wants from you, and how to deliver it.

What are brand strategy agency services?

  • Brand Strategy services provide businesses with a complete view of what it takes to build, market, and maintain a profitable brand.
  • At Tangent, we work with you to gain deep insight into your customers’ lives across all channels and channels of interaction.
  • We will map out realistic goals and opportunities for growth, then devise plans to address the challenges that hinder your goals.

Our brand strategy agency services begin with a deep dive into all aspects of your business.

Brand strategy services start with a discovery phase where the focus is on engaging your stakeholders and beginning to understand the goals and objectives of your organisation. In our experience, having a diverse and holistic mindset is key.

Our strategy includes identifying key areas for growth and opportunity, researching industry trends and competitor activity, developing online surveys and focus groups, qualitative and quantitative research, workshops & interviews with key stakeholders.

Communication is key throughout this process so that everyone has a clear understanding of what’s next.

Our approach to strategy is holistic and integrated. We start from your company or brand – and work outwards from there. Immersive research, a deep understanding of your customers, challenges and opportunities, filters down to strategy and tactical execution.

We let creativity lead us by steering the conversation toward your business problems, guiding it gently to identify key trends in your market sector, then applying our deep experience to realise a compelling blueprint for growth that benefits all stakeholders. We then move into strategy, implementation and tactical communication.

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Ensure you craft a consistent and effective communications plan.

After the initial development comes communications. Begin by understanding your audience, identifying opportunities and prioritising efforts to build a brand that is realistic, relevant and resonates with your target market.

This will enable you to create a brand strategy that will help you navigate the competitive landscape, craft a consistent and effective communications plan, and launch smart digital design solutions.

Informed creativity is central to the delivery of a cohesive brand strategy anchored around three core themes: inform, inspire and educate. Unearth points of difference that will improve a brand’s visibility and potentially generate a wealth of ideas – whether it be through subtle attitudinal shifts or bolder visual expression. We have developed completely new ways of understanding why people choose products over others in different markets or categories – our unique tools just keep us ahead of the competition.

We work to uncover points of difference in consumer mindsets, culture and commerce that can be expressed through every touchpoint to make a brand more memorable and impactful.

The Critical Role of Measurement in Brand Strategy

The last key to a successful Brand Strategy is measurement. We use a panel of brand strategists, marketers and designers to ask questions at the end of the project. Our aim is to ensure that we have helped our clients achieve their branding objectives by using a series of questions at the end of the project. Have we utilised the full potential of the brand? Does the brand stand out over its competition? Have we created consistency? Have customer attitudes changed?

Data analysis allows us to perform in-depth studies of customer reception to test new ideas before they become too expensive to replace if they fail. Additionally, it’s important to measure KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to stay on track with your brands progress.

Components of a Brand Strategy service


  • Research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Online polls & surveys
  • Workshops
  • Interviews
  • Communication Audits


  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Awareness
  • Competitive Awareness
  • Brand Naming
  • Digital design
  • Social media campaigns


  • Communication Audits
  • Data Analysis
  • KPI’s

Our brand strategists help you think through the positioning, design, and messaging of your brand while working collaboratively with you to build on your strengths. We tap into our expertise in integrated marketing communications, digital marketing strategy, social media strategy and user experience to create a cohesive plan that will deliver measurable results. Free your time by letting us look after your brand, while you focus on growing your FinTech business. Our clients have valued our ability to help them build a brand that truly represents them, so they can easily achieve their goals.