Are your colours still aligned with your activities?

Every colour has different meanings. Keep also in mind that some colours can be perceived differently in different cultures. If you are planning to expand your business internationally, worth conducting some “translate communication” research with an agency. Remember, choosing the right tone, shade and colour combination is extremely important. That’s where most businesses get it wrong. Your brand colours should be appealing and align with your target audience. Here is a brief explanation of the meanings of each colour:

Using red pros & cons

Positive: Love, passion, warmth, speed, energy, determination, courage, socialism, bravery.
Negative: Danger, blood, violence, anger.

Using orange pros and cons

Positive: cheerfulness, affordability, enthusiasm, stimulation, creativity.
Negative: Low cost, aggression.

Using yellow pros and cons:

Positive: friendship, optimism, intellect, happiness, energy, playful, creativity, confidence, wealth (gold-yellow).
Negative: Cowardice, hunger, conflict.

Using pink pros and cons:

Positive: Feminine, love, tenderness, motherhood, sweetness.
Negative: Lust, colours associated with girls.

Using purple pros and cons:

Positive: Power, nobility, elegance, sophistication, luxury.
Negative: Mystery, witchcraft, hypocrisy.

Using blue pros and cons:

Positive: Peace, professionalism, loyalty, reliability, honour, trust, conservative.
Negative: Melancholia, boredom, coldness.

Using green pros and cons:

Positive: Luck, durability, nature, optimism, calm, safety, freshness, harmony, hope.
Negative: Failure, sickness. Green is also the colour of Islam. Avoid using it in Muslim countries.

Using brown pros and cons:

Positive: Confidence, casual, nature, earthy, solid, reliable, genuine, endurance.
Negative: Dirty.

Using black pros and cons:

Positive: Luxury, elegance, power, night.
Negative: Death, depression, illegality. Black is perceived as the colour of life in the traditional Asian culture.

Using white pros and cons:

Positive: Purity, newness, virginity, peace, innocence, simplicity, snow, ice and bravery.
Negative: White is perceived as the colour of death in the traditional Asian culture.
Remember that when colours are effectively combined or used individually, it creates a positive impact, if not then you get the opposite.

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