An Interview with Flavilla Fongang: How to Prepare your Tech Brand for 2023

The new year is here and with it, the promise of a fresh start. Sometimes, we find ourselves standing in our old ways and habits, preventing us from making the change we’ve been dreaming of. Or maybe you’re not sure what kind of impact your brand will have in the mainstream market. In this interview, Flavilla Fongang shares her thoughts on how to prepare your Tech Brand for 2023.

In the last few years, we have seen a lot of changes in the tech industry. There is more competition, more innovation, and more change. How does your business survive these changes?

Our founder Flavilla Fongang was named the most influential tech woman in the UK in 2022, 2 in 2021, and the top 5 in 2020. She is an International Keynote Speaker and a BBC Brand Strategist. She is also the creator of the D.A.C brand growth model which helps marketers build remarkable brands.

Additionally, Flavilla is also the founder of GTA Black Women in Tech and was named the “She’s Mercedes” business woman by Mercedes Benz.

Want to know how to prepare your Tech Brand for 2023? Let’s go.

What are your crucial branding learnings from 2022?

You can build a brand and destroy it overnight. Primarily if you’re operating in a very saturated market, branding gives you the power to differentiate yourself and create a strong relationship with your audience. Branding isn’t new for 2022, but it’s still very relevant. Ultimately, if you think of all of the most prominent fintech brands out there, everyone offers similar services. However, branding allows companies to build a strong relationship in which people choose to buy from them regularly.

The epitome of every brand should be to create a movement. Becoming a movement-based brand goes beyond your internal team and expands to people outside your brand wanting to carry the message and vision on your behalf. The power of developing a movement gives you so much power and will reduce the cost of acquisition. Making your brand a movement is key in how to prepare your Tech Brand for 2023.

Where do you see tech brand trends going in 2023?

When we look at tech brands, we must look at what is driving technology. From artificial intelligence to deep fake, people should be mindful of progressive technology. Recently, newly launched AI can be threatening to leaders and workers in the tech industry. We are moving into a new era with technology that we thought would take years to develop but is now being tested. So, keep an eye on Web 3, NFT and AI. These new technologies are scary for many people and their jobs.

Keep an eye out for new trends and implement them in your company.

How are you preparing your brand for 2023?

Firstly it’s crucial from the start to relax, and we all need to relax. But on the back of that, I know what to expect in 2023. Our team is continuously growing, and we’re prepared and excited for the new year.

Have you got any key tech events coming up?

During Tech week London Tech Week will be celebrating their 10th anniversary! I can’t announce much right now, but this is something to look forward to in summer and keep an eye out for further details. London remains the capital of different technology so keep an eye out. One thing I love about technology is the desire for collaboration and maintaining that.

What would you say to someone beginning a Fintech brand startup in 2023?

Start with branding. You might develop a new unique solution; however, tomorrow, your large competitors will buy another company with your technology to compete against you. The only way to survive and compete against giants is to understand the power of your brand. Consumers love stories like David and Goliath of small companies overcoming the giants. I’m not saying Tech companies should be looking small whatsoever, but your brand is what’s going to save you when there’s so much competition and so much change.

In the blink of an eye, your business could become irrelevant due to a new add-on by Apple or Microsoft. For example, Apple pay is changing the fintech industry. Stay alert in terms of what’s happening in your space. The maintenance of tech companies lies heavily in excellent partnerships across borders. This is what will help any new fintech company right now. Remember you are never safe; partnerships, keeping an eye on competitors and always seeing how you can supply to your customers will keep you relevant.

What are your overall 2022 branding learnings?

No one is safe; you can be a giant in the tech space and lose market share overnight. Someone can create a technology that reinvents the way we work. AI is becoming very intelligent so be mindful of this and keep an eye out. Some of the most successful companies are driven by innovation. Innovation should be a part of any successful brand and your brand DNA.

Additionally, brand partnerships are essential. If you cannot internally develop a technology, figure out whom you can work with and secure that partnership before your competitor does it. This will give you a definite advantage to not only maintain your market but also grow your market in different spaces.

In conclusion, your challenge is to prepare your tech brand for 2023. The future is not only coming, but it is here. It is an exciting time to be alive and part of the changing world we live in. Nothing is static, and everything can be reimagined.

Thank you to Flavilla for this insightful interview. As we look forward to the advancements in tech in 2023, remember to embrace new ideas and never stop learning!

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