A-Z to building your personal brand in the tech sector

This week I challenged myself to create an article a little more challenging than usual. Indeed, Flavilla had the idea to create an article that uses the criteria and characteristics of a good personal brand and all this by following the letters of the alphabet.
So here is an A-Z to building your personal brand in the tech sector:

A for Audacity: Because like for me with this article, if you want to build your personal brand you need to be brave and intrepid. You have to trust yourself and your ideas to make them come true, no one can stop you and you are going to prove to them all that you are different.

B for Blogging: You need to know how important it is to create content for your audience it allows you to build credibility, expertise and values. And personal blogging is one of the best ways to create valuable content.

C for Clarity: This word needs to be your keyword for all your content creation. Always put yourself in the shoes of someone in your audience who may not know everything about your domain.

D for Define: Here I’m talking about your personal brand target audience, this step is very important to make sure you are taking time to do it well and don’t hesitate to ask for advice from trustworthy person around you.

E for Evolve: You must know how to constantly evolve. In particular, the field of new technologies is always changing and developing very rapidly. Therefore, you must always be up to date and your offer must evolve with your market. You have to constantly build up your personal brand.

F for Follow: Follow the news of the people you meet, follow the potential customers but also your current customers. This follow-up on social networks and in customer service will allow you to always be aware and anticipate in advance what could happen.

G for GO GO GO: Don’t stop and don’t let anyone stop you. You have to trust yourself and not stop developing your ideas, your market, your personal brand. You are the master of your career!

H for Human: Because even if you are a real businessmen/women you are still a human et your audience target is also human so don’t act like a robot, take a break, don’t lose motivation because you’re not perfect and take care of yourself.

I for Influencers: Surround yourself with influential people such as expert and professional of the tech world. People you esteem, respect and that can help you in a difficult situation.

J for Join: Join groups, pages, clubs to get to know each other as much as possible and meet as many people as possible who are likely to become customers or partners. The collaboration will be the key to networking!

K for Key: Collaboration is the key to networking and visibility but YOU are the key to every issue you can encounter you need to learn, progress and understand and the best way to do it is by solving yourself all the issue you can encounter. Moreover, you need also to become the key to every problem your target audience can have!

L for LinkedIn: If you are going to choose only one personal branding social media to invest your time in, choose LinkedIn. With a smart profile and a well-honed strategy, LinkedIn can become your powerful partner in long-range branding and career management.

M for Mailing: Direct mail is a relatively easy way to reach your target audience. You should start creating your mailing list as soon as possible when you start your business or event before. Your mailing list is very important and represents a lot for the growth of your business. Don’t hesitate to use social media to connect and collect data such as the email.

N for Network: We have talked about joining group, creating a mailing list, using LinkedIn and collaborating… All those advice are elements for THE most important part of building your personal brand: Creating Network. Your livelihood.

O for Opportunity: You are the person who is creating an opportunity for your business by working hard and taking time. So don’t hesitate when a good opportunity is in front of you because you never know when a better opportunity can arrive for your business. So as we just said GO GO GO!

P for Passion: Because your passion is precisely what sets you apart from other competitors. Never forget to do things with passion.

Q for Question: If you are lost, you don’t know what to do in a difficult situation. Don’t hold back from asking questions to people you trust, expert… You can also ask us if you need advice about your business growth, branding, personal brand or strategy.

R for Reviews: Remember that the best advertising for your business is the reviews and testimonials that your customers can give about you.

S for Speak: Another very efficient way to build your tech personal brand is to participate and speak in an event. This public representation represents a real boost for your personal image, brand image and also for your network.

T for Tech news: Always stay aware of what is happening in the tech world and if needed, improve your personal branding strategy to suit the situation.

U for Unique: Think about the characteristic that makes you unique and strong in front of other competitors. Build your entire personal brand around this unique value. Be recognisable thank to that.

V for Values: You have to determine then well and make sure they are making sense with the business and the personal brand you try to build. If you are not sure about them ask around you for advice.

W for Website: Your website is your online business card, the showcase of your business and values. Consequently the first contact with a lot of your prospect.And today it is not that difficult or expensive to have one, even more. Thanks to our branding service for technology entrepreneurs which allow you to build a strong brand image for an affordable investment.

X for X marks the spot: Never forget your objectives and for staying motivated keep in mind your success. Always surpass yourself and go further!

Y for Year plan: Try as much as possible to anticipate and organise yourself for one year in advance. This way you always keep an eye on your progress, goals and never lose your motivation.

Z for “Zeal without knowledge is fire without light”- Thomas Fuller

I hope that this article will be useful for the development of your personal branding, especially in the technology business where it’s very difficult to differentiate yourself.

We hope these A-Z to building your personal brand in the tech sector really helps you!

This article was written by Ambre Kerleau


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